A Hard Decision.

So there's a beautiful story where Magdalena , a 16 yeared old girl goes to L.A for holiday , and she knows One Direction , her favourite boy band !
She is happy , they are too , but two guys from 1D fall in love with Magdalena: they're both fighting for her love. The girl loves all of them , but she can't decide with both lads.
So , Magdalena (Mane for short) would choose Harry , 1D's Romeo or Niall the blondie one ?


11. Cherry's phone call.

Well. I was awfully bad. Harry doesn't call too , so he's upset with me too.

Why Harry and Niall??? Whyyyy ?????

I am not going to tell the family my situation , so we went to Hollywood. It was a quiet day , and funny too: Grandpa was driving awkwardly again , the dudes were talking about music , etc. 

While I was thinking about what it happened , we went to Starbucks. I was on Twitter , and suddenly I saw Harry's last tweet: "Quiet day. Going to London  in two more days. Xxx." I felt very bad 'cause I'll never see the boys anymore. (maybe ?) 

Suddenly Pau saw me and said:

-Mane , what's wrong ?-

-Uhm... I'm sad 'cause the boys are going to London in 2 more days , and they didn't called me anymore.-

-Oh , Mane! Don't be sad for that !-

-Why? Can you do something ?-

-Yeah. Let me call Cherry.-

Pau was calling Cherry...

-Hello ?- said Cherry.

-Cherry! I'm Pau! What's up? I need you to make Mane a big favor !-

-Big favor about what? Uhm... let me guess... One Direction ?-

-Yeah , please...- (Cherry interrupted Pau)

-For sure! Niall was very sad and he wants to talk to Mane... I don't know what! Where are you ?-

-Were at Hollywood Starbucks !-

-Ok. Don't go to any part. Hold on , please.-


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