One direction imagines

I am doing one direction imagines comment your name and the guy u want to be with and ill do it thanks


2. Unowned call -aylissa and Niall-

-Alyssa- I tweet the boy my number knowing they wouldn't see it then I laid beck and watch tv then I got a text from Emily (the text)
Emily: hey wat up
Me: nothing just tweeted the boys
Emily: cool gtg bye
Me: bye (end of text)
I was still watching tv when my phone rang I looked at the number it was unowned so I answered it (the phone call)
Me: who is this?
Person: Niall
Me: Niall horan
Niall: yes
Me:omg I love u so much
Niall: awwe thanks so what's your name?
Me: my name is Alyssa
Niall: I like that name how old r u?
Me: 18
Niall: I'm 19 and I know we just met but will u go out with me?
Me: yes yes 100% yes
Niall: thank you i gtg bye gf
Me: bye bf ( end of call)
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