I Know You're There: Abducted Angels

*Sequel to I Know You're There, read that first*. Reuben and Tori have ran away. They've got a place to stay, and their fake ID's are working. The only thing is, Tori's 'abduction' story is currently the biggest segment of the news. Yep, Reuben is the World's most wanted. Nobody knows it's Reuben, though. Not only are the police after them, but there's a sick band of people, who want Angels. Not for good reasons, some for dissection, some for information. They're both after Reuben. But of course, there's more problems then that. Ex's, (new) family and money. But they're together, and that's all that matters... right?


3. 'What are you doing?'

That night was the best I'd slept in what felt like forever. I was still awake quite early though, and Reuben slept peacefully beside me on the suite. We didn't have the energy to even change clothes, and just crashed on the couch in our normal clothes. 

I walked around the cabin, doing nothing in particular, and decided to sort through my suitcase. At the bottom of it, I found my phone charger. Reuben had told me not to turn my phone on, in case my phone could be tracked, but... I missed them.

Silently, I moved over to behind the armchair, found the socket, and plugged the charger in. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and let it charge. A few minutes passed, and I decided that it had enough battery for me to look through it, and let it charge at the same time. There were literally hundreds of missed calls and texts. The calls were from everyone. Family, friends, teachers, everyone. I scrolled through some of the texts.

Where are you?

Are you okay?

What are you doing?

Tori, just let us know if you're okay.

The police are looking for you, don't worry.

My eyes welled up, and a sob escaped my lips. I glanced at Reuben to see if he awake, but he was still fast asleep. 

Everything froze.

The police were looking for us. 

Extremely quickly, I got onto Google, and typed in 'Top news stories UK'. It came up with the current date, and I clicked on it. The page took far too long to load, and I trembled with adrenaline.

I tapped on the first link 'Psychopath Abduction'. The first thing that I saw on that page, was a profile of myself. Oh no. It basically said that three days before, I'd been kidnapped. There were photos of Reuben and I in the rain, and it genuinely looked like Reuben was abducting me. Nobody could see his identity, because of his hood. All of my personal details were on the world wide web. Stuff like my eating disorder, my self harming, my heart transplant, my miscarriage - absolutely every detail. The headline makes it sounds like Reuben is the psychopath, but the story turns me into one.

If we are caught, I take the blame.

Reuben's words echoed in my mind, and I swallowed a mouthful of air. 

Angrily, I stood up, and threw my phone to the floor, hearing the shatter, before I saw it. I couldn't care less, but I'd woken Reuben up.

"Tori? What are you doing?" he rubbed his eyes, and propped himself up on one elbow.

I collapsed to the floor, and broke out into tears. Why me? Why does every single thing have to happen to me?

The best few days of my life, soon turned into the worst.

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