I Know You're There: Abducted Angels

*Sequel to I Know You're There, read that first*. Reuben and Tori have ran away. They've got a place to stay, and their fake ID's are working. The only thing is, Tori's 'abduction' story is currently the biggest segment of the news. Yep, Reuben is the World's most wanted. Nobody knows it's Reuben, though. Not only are the police after them, but there's a sick band of people, who want Angels. Not for good reasons, some for dissection, some for information. They're both after Reuben. But of course, there's more problems then that. Ex's, (new) family and money. But they're together, and that's all that matters... right?


8. 'This is Damien.'

It was our first day of college, and I was really nervous. What if someone recognised us? Well, I hardly recognised myself, so I think we're all right there. 

Reuben eventually woke up, his hair sticking up in every direction possible. I sighed, and ran my fingers through it, until it went back to it's coif. I'd already sorted my hair, by straightening it, and clipping my fringe back. 

After a mediocre breakfast of an apple each, we got dressed. Reuben was in a pair of black, really, really skinny jeans, a white tee and a leather jacket. I wore dark red jeans, a black tank top and a plain jacket. I didn't put much effort in, but I didn't really care.

Reuben drove us in, his car getting quite a few envious stares. I shrank under everyone's eyes, wishing I was invisible. Reuben acted as if they were invisible, and parked. We headed inside, just as it started bucketing it down again. Typical England. We signed in at reception, as Imogen Franks and Nathan George. It was really weird, having to answer to those names.

"Reuben! How's it going?" a guy I didn't know grabbed Reuben's hand, and bumped his shoulder with their own.

"It's Nathan now. I'm good, you?" Reuben replied.

"Good, too. Tori, good to meet you," the guy turned to me, and shook hands with me.

His hair was dirty blond, almost chin length, kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio's hair in the Titanic. His eyes were the exact colour of Reuben's, except they lacked the glint that Reuben had. Other than his eyes, the first thing I noticed, was how tall and broad he was. The curve in his cheek was very deep, making him appear distinguished.

"Um... you, too," I replied, not knowing what else I should say.

"This is Damien, your second Guardian Angel," Reuben summed up for me.

So, I really did have a second Guardian Angel. Gee, thanks for telling me, Reuben. What's the point in having another Guardian Angel? It wasn't like Reuben was going anywhere, any time soon. Unless there was more he wasn't telling me... Did Damien know about it? I suspected Damien and I were even, on the clueless terms. 

"Oh," was all I managed to say.

I mentally face palmed, already managing to embarrass myself. Embarrassment for me, was like a second nature. In fact, it was closer to first nature. Idiocy, gullible, deranged, they're in there too. Well, if you were me, and had been through everything I had, being deranged seemed light. 

Damien and Reuben chatted for a while, leaving me to look around our form. Girls were staring at me, and I got the kind of vibe that Damien wasn't someone to play around with. Maybe Damien was like the good version of Daniel, all popular and everything. Maybe Damien was like Reuben, kept himself to himself. I'd hardly say Damien was like Reuben, greeting us like that. It was obvious Damien was a good guy though, he was friends with Reuben, and he was a Guardian Angel.

At first, I thought college would be good. Making some new friends, choosing your options, which basically determine your career. All good things. College was like a haven to my past. With all of the drama and everything.

My past was the opening act to the show. I wasn't a spectator either, I was the main actress. The show really begins in school.

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