I Know You're There: Abducted Angels

*Sequel to I Know You're There, read that first*. Reuben and Tori have ran away. They've got a place to stay, and their fake ID's are working. The only thing is, Tori's 'abduction' story is currently the biggest segment of the news. Yep, Reuben is the World's most wanted. Nobody knows it's Reuben, though. Not only are the police after them, but there's a sick band of people, who want Angels. Not for good reasons, some for dissection, some for information. They're both after Reuben. But of course, there's more problems then that. Ex's, (new) family and money. But they're together, and that's all that matters... right?


13. 'Just stop thinking about him.'

I spent the rest of that day fretting, panicking, winding Damien up, and anything else, really. I tried eating, but I vomited it straight up, not being able to keep it down, with all of my nerves. The thing was, I didn't know if I wanted to see Reuben again. He was a Demon, after all. Well, yeah, I did want to see him, I was positive there was a way to get him back. 

"Tori, for God's sakes, go to sleep!" Damien whined, stopping me from getting out of bed.

"I can't, though,"I whimpered, realising it was about one in the morning.

"Reuben will be fine, just stop thinking about him," Damien rubbed his face with his palms, trying not to fall asleep right there. 

Defiantly, I lie down, and pretend to try to sleep. Damien just sighs, and I feel like a toddler all over again. It wasn't a very fair, nor easy situation. I just wanted to curl up in a ball, and lock the world out. Thankfully, I hadn't gone into mental shut down. For some reason, I wasn't even that upset. I just felt shock. Sadness would come once I'd gotten over the astonishment. 

Despite how many blankets I had, I was chilled to the bone. My skin burned, but on the inside, I was like ice. None of it would melt any time soon, either. What about college, as well? Someone would suspect something. Especially Sydney. Nothing got past her, unidentified. My A Levels would just have to wait, I supposed.

When I relaxed, sleep came relatively easily. Probably from exhaustion. My dream was disastrous. I relived us getting kidnapped, but there was no Damien there to save either of us. As soon as we got to the concentration camp, they figured out Reuben was a Demon. Without second thought, they killed him, there and then. 

It was not a quick death either. They screamed at him, cursing him, because of his specie. It's not like being an Angel would have saved him much more. I followed Reuben, slowly being murdered. Except I wasn't physically killed, only mentally. Trust me, mental murder was ten times worse. My world was like a busted light bulb, without Reuben. No light would ever come from it again, unless you fixed the delicate glass pieces. That would take forever, and a lot of precision. Plus, there'd always be the small parts of the glass, you'd never be able to get back. The perfect metaphor. 

At exactly six in the morning, I awoke, sitting bolt upright. My cheeks were damp, and I realised I'd been crying. My breath was rapid, and I slowly calmed it down. Damien was beside me, on the chair, his head resting on my pillow. I decided not to wake him, and go for a look around his house. The furthest I'd been, was his en suite bathroom.

Silently, I crept past him, and tiptoed down the stairs. Everything appeared to be expensive, and plush. Ditching my exhibition, I searched for the kitchen, my stomach growling. A yawn escaped my lips, and the sun was still down. It's early November, one year ago, I met Reuben. A day that deserved to be marked, but I didn't have the heart to do it. There wasn't much point, considering I'd probably never see him again.

After a few minutes of opening doors, I found the kitchen. The theme was black, cream and white, very smart. The counters were black marble, white walls, and cream and black tiles. The cupboards had a wooden effect. The fridge was silver, adjoined by a freezer.

Hushed voices pushed me to alert. Carefully, I closed the cupboard I was looking through, leaving my hunger for later. Near the door of the kitchen, I pressed myself against the wall. Silence came to me as a second nature, and I slowly poked my head around the door frame.

There was no one there, and I frowned. The whispered voices still floated to my ears, and I crept forwards. It sounded like they were in the lounge. Keeping my breath low, I thought about what I should do. Go and get Damien, hide, or investigate. Please, I'm Tori, of course I would investigate.

It takes a few deep, calming breaths, and I edged my way towards the door of the lounge. It's wooden, painted white, with a brass handle. A floorboard creaks underfoot, and I back up, hiding behnd a coat rack. The door swung open, and two massive men stood there. Between them, there was a boy, his wrists tied by rope. Blood stained his clothes, and skin, along with purple bruises. His hair was dark, he was tall, his cheek curve was quite deep, and his eyes were pure black.

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