I Know You're There: Abducted Angels

*Sequel to I Know You're There, read that first*. Reuben and Tori have ran away. They've got a place to stay, and their fake ID's are working. The only thing is, Tori's 'abduction' story is currently the biggest segment of the news. Yep, Reuben is the World's most wanted. Nobody knows it's Reuben, though. Not only are the police after them, but there's a sick band of people, who want Angels. Not for good reasons, some for dissection, some for information. They're both after Reuben. But of course, there's more problems then that. Ex's, (new) family and money. But they're together, and that's all that matters... right?


10. 'Do you want her dead?'

My wrists were bonded behind me with a thick rope, rubbing at my raw skin. Reuben was beside me, unconscious from blood loss. They'd had the decency to dress Reuben, before chucking us in the back of a filthy van. I was praying for Reuben to wake up, but it didn't look like it was going to happen any time soon. The kidnappers had stitched the gash on his temple, but it was pretty rough. 

They were talking to each other in hushed tones, making sure I didn't listen in. Frankly, I wouldn't want to listen to them anyway. There were three of them in the back with us, staring me down. One of them chewed on nothing, intimidating me with his biceps the size of footballs. There was also the woman, who held me back, acting as if she hadn't just kidnapped us. Then, there was a really broad guy, who looked just as petrified as me. His eyes were like Reuben's, but other than that, he was the total opposite of Reuben. I vaguely recognised him, but couldn't pin point it. His hair wasn't recognisable, but his structure was. 

Reuben started groaning, giving me a bit of hope that he's wake up. I shuffled closer to him, and nudged his shoulder with my knee. He groaned again, and his eyes flickered open, only to close again. I could have sworn his eyes were black, but my mind was seriously messed up. Anyway, no one's eyes are black.

"Move away from him," the woman demanded.

After a very short debate with myself, I moved away, leaning my back against the side of the van. We went over a bump, and I hit my head pretty hard on the metal wall behind me. I cursed under my breath, and felt a warm liquid run down the back of my neck. I cursed again, and tried to wipe the blood away, but of course, my bonds wouldn't let me do that.

"What've you done?" the broad one asked, crouching down beside me.

"Hit my head," I replied, my mouth going dry in fear of him.

"Turn around," he gestured, and I obeyed.

Carefully, he wiped the blood away with a handkerchief, and pressed it to the wound to cut the blood off. It hurt, but I felt the rush of blood slowly fade.

"It's me," he whispered in my ear, whilst the others were talking.

I craned my neck around, and gave him a weird look. Me? Who's me? I knew I recognised him, but his voice didn't really help. His hair shifted slightly, so it was obvious he was wearing a wig.

"Damien," he said so low, I could barely pick it out.

I almost squealed in relief, but slapped my hand over my mouth. A smile spread across my face, which I immediately wiped off. I gave Damien a slight nod, and went back to being scared. Just because Damien was there, didn't mean he could help us. 

"Don't help her," the woman snapped at Damien.

"Do you want her dead?" Damien hissed back, continuing to clean my wound. 

"Well, I do, but you want her alive," the woman sneered, and folded her arms across her chest like a five year old.

I pressed my lips to together to stop myself from giggling, and winced in pain as Damien dabbed at the blood. Soon, the flow had stopped, and Damien took the handkerchief away, tossing it into the corner of the van. Despite Damien's efforts, I had a pounding headache. It was probably a concussion, from that hit. Carefully, I moved away from the side of the van, and sat somewhere my head wouldn't get hit. Damien sat beside me, not making it obvious that he was untying my bonds.

"Where are you taking us?" I asked.

"Shut up," the man replied, his voice so deep, and menacing, that I shivered.

"Why won't you tell me?" I persisted.

"He said shut up," the woman exaggerated, glaring me down.

"Are you too scared to tell me?" I cocked my head on one side, enjoying this little argument.

"Right, that's it," the woman got up, and moved over to the sling of rope opposite us.

She found the end, and cut about a metre off with a pocket knife. Testing the sturdiness of it, she moved over to me. I frowned, and then realised what she was doing. She actually put the rope in my mouth, and tied it at the back of my head. It hurt like hell, not only my lips, but my gash on the back of my head. 

When she sat back down, the man laughed at me, at how vulnerable I was. I growled, and he shut himself up, before I started being even more defiant. Damien sighed, and gave me a sorry look. I shrugged my shoulders in response, and planned a way to annoy them more. Smiling, I shuffled back over to Reuben, and draped my legs over his back, proving that I was not going to move.

"Get away from him," the woman hissed.

I shook my head, and made myself more comfortable.

"One more chance," the man grinned ominously.

Once again, I shook my head. In response, the woman got up again, and crouched down beside a huge, white briefcase. After clipping it open, she took out a white cloth, and studied it. She closed the lid of the case, and came over to me, grabbing the back of my neck. She forced my mouth to the cloth, suffocating me. I choked, and took a deep breath, smelling something bitter. When my sight went black, I realised what it was. 


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