I Know You're There: Abducted Angels

*Sequel to I Know You're There, read that first*. Reuben and Tori have ran away. They've got a place to stay, and their fake ID's are working. The only thing is, Tori's 'abduction' story is currently the biggest segment of the news. Yep, Reuben is the World's most wanted. Nobody knows it's Reuben, though. Not only are the police after them, but there's a sick band of people, who want Angels. Not for good reasons, some for dissection, some for information. They're both after Reuben. But of course, there's more problems then that. Ex's, (new) family and money. But they're together, and that's all that matters... right?


11. 'Damien, I swear, I will hurt you.'

Unconsciousness seemed to be a relief for once. A relaxation to my mucked up life. It was so peaceful, not having anything to do, or think about, just being able to dream about the future. It wasn't a very specific future, because at that rate, I'd die before I'd make it to twenty. Perhaps it was good to make up a future, where Reuben and I can live peacefully.

"For God's sakes, Tori, wake up!" a husky voice hissed at me.

Groaning, I peeled one eye open. A pair of bright blue eyes were literally millimetres away from me, and I yelped. Damien chuckled, and straightened up, gesturing for me to sit up. A pounding in my head protested, but I sat up, frowning. 

"What... Where am I?" I asked.

I was in a pretty big bedroom, lying in a queen sized bed. A lot of furniture filled the room, and it was quite messy. A lot of light flooded in from a bay window, and I guessed it was late morning. I had no idea what day it was, though.

"My place," Damien simply replied.

He sat on the chair beside the bed, which I assumed belonged to him. It seemed like a guys room. Relief washed through me, that I wasn't with those... mutants. I didn't really want to know how Damien had got us out, so I just stayed silent. I observed the room, trying to guess if we were in Brighton, or what. Then the all important question hit me.

"Where's Reuben?" I rushed to say.

At the name, Damien winced. That can't be good. About a million questions submerged, but didn't quite make it out of me. Reuben didn't seem to be there, and with the look on Damien's face, I guessed he wasn't doing too good, wherever he was. Maybe it was all a coax, and Reuben was fine, escaped on his own, back at the cabin. Maybe he was already dead, after not giving over any information, and Damien only just managed to save me.

"Where is he?" I repeated, using long gaps between each word.

"Look, it's fine, they'll get rid of him once they know he's no use to them," Damien said.

Again, I frowned, "What do you mean, he's no use?" 

We all knew Reuben had a ton of information, so they wouldn't just give up on him. Plus, they could of used him for dissection, or something sick like that. I had his original heart anyway, so they wouldn't find much. 

"Hasn't he told you?" Damien cringed, and stepped back, getting out of my reach.

"Told me what!?" I demanded, crushing the sheets in my fists.

"Tori, we'll wait for him to tell you," he gushed.

Anger bubbled through me, and I began yelling, "No, you are going to tell me now! We both know he's not going to make it, so tell me!"

Damien let out a long, shaky breath, and sat back down. Instinctively, I ran my fingers through my hair, and took note my hair was blond again. I used permanent hair dye though... Oh well, I preferred my blond hair, to auburn. It suited me better.

"I can't tell you," he whispered, resting his hands on his knees.

"Damien, I swear, I will hurt you," I threatened, clenching my fist, to prove a point.

Trying to hold his laughs back, Damien flexed his biceps, and I decided to give up with threatening. Maybe whining would work better. Or blackmailing. Actually, I didn't have anything against him, so I couldn't use blackmail. Whining would take too long. Threatening would get me absolutely nowhere. Okay, there's no way around it.

"Damien!" I whined, deciding I may as well try.

"Tori!" he said in the same tone.

I huffed, and folded my arms across my chest. Defiantly, I turned my head away from him, acting like a five year old. It was pathetic, but I was peeved with him. He handed me a tray of food. On it, there was a bowl of soup, a glass of water, and a roll of bread. A new idea popped into my head, and I hid my smirk.

"Nope," I said, meaning I wasn't going to eat.

"Are you serious?" Damien muttered, taking the tray back, and dumping it on his bedside table.

"Yup," I replied, popping the 'p'.

Sighing, he took his phone out, and tapped something in. He turned the screen to face me, and I squinted, trying to get past the reflection. On it, there was a twelve digit number.

"Recognise the number?" Damien taunted. 

"You wouldn't dare," I hissed, remembering the number to belong to Ollie's phone.

"Actually, I would, unless... you eat," he smirked evilly, and once again, I was stumped.

I snatched the tray, and picked at the bread roll. Of course, I'd never tell him, but it was a relief to get some food inside of me. I dipped it in the soup, and it was getting cold, so I decided to eat it all. When I gave the empty tray back to him, he smiled triumphantly, but I growled, to shut him up. I had nothing against him, and he had something against me. I needed two things to just magically appear. 

"I hate you," I mumbled.

"Gee, a thanks for saving your life would be nice, but never mind," Damien sarcastically replied, crossing his legs on the chair.

"Thanks for nothing," I said, and crossed my legs too.

Damien laughed slightly, in disbelief, and shook his head. I pursed my lips in response, still trying to come up with some kind of backfire. There was literally nothing to put him up to. That's the problem with Angels, they don't do anything bad whatsoever.

"I still hate you," I mumbled, into the awkward silence.

"And I hate Reuben for assigning me, to you," he shrugged his shoulders.

So, he couldn't even say he hated me too. He implied it, but couldn't say it directly. Cute idiot. His eyes didn't get a shade darker, like I'd expected, but they stayed neutral. We had a bit of a staring contest, and the brightness of his gave me a worse headache.

"When will they figure out he's no use?" I asked.

"I don't know, pretty soon. It wouldn't take much to figure it out," Damien simply replied.

"Why haven't they figured out that you're an Angel?" I persist.

"Because I disguised myself," he said.

"Is that what Reuben's doing?" I cocked my head on one side, an idea coming to mind.


"Then what's he doing?" 

"Nothing," Damien whined, trying to get me to shut up.

"Then how's he going to get out, alive?" I was trying to annoy the truth out of him, and it was actually working.

"For crying out loud, Tori-"

"Is he already dead?" I asked, my voice hitching slightly.

"No, of course not," Damien frowned, trying to work out my angle.

"Then why won't you tell me what's going on?" 

"Okay, fine I'll tell you," Damien threw his arms to the side in exasperation.

Grinning, I silenced, ready to listen to this. Damien sighed, quite loudly, to show how annoyed he was, with me. Unaffected, I made myself comfortable, and gestured for him to start. He avoided the eye contact I tried to make, and my smile disappeared. Maybe he wouldn't tell me the answer, because I wouldn't want to know, myself. It was too late, the words had left his mouth. Four long, painful words. One of them being Reuben's name, one of them being a negative, one of them being a short word, the last one being his definition.

"Reuben's not an Angel."

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