Melody thinks the world is only giving her bad. A tragedy struck which left her homeless. Running away from the foster house, her life will change. Will she find a way to be happy, or will the darkness take her in?


3. The Story

Melody's P.O.V

   So I began telling the story beginning to end. Only what I remembered of course. You can't tell a story if you don't remember it, can you? I mean you can lie and all but that's not right. He seemed to have great interest in it. He sat in silence and stared me strait in the eyes, not moving a muscle. "Wow," he said after I finished. "That's hard."

   "Eh, you get used to it." We both laughed. Then all of a sudden we stopped, staring into one another's eyes. We both sorta of leaned forward a little but pulled away quickly. "So um," Louis said rubbing the back of his neck. "What do you want to do." "Have you ever played football?" "What kind of question is that? Of course I have!" "Well then why don't we play that?" "Great i'll go get a ball." He rushed out of the room coming back with a red ball.

   "Shall we?"

   "We shall." We walked out back and it seemed as big as his house. I paused, he laughed and pulled me to a big open area.

   "Alright why don't we have team names?" he smiled. "But it's only me and you!" "Yea, so?""Ok fine, i'll be...." I thought real hard. I grinned, "The Skaters."

   "Nice and i'll be, The Tommos." I laughed so hard I fell on the ground. "So I'm guessing you've heard of One Direction before." "Yea but I could never remember what they look like." "I'm in One Direction."

   "No way." "Yes way." "Ok, but can we play now." "Yea I guess." he kicked the ball in the air and it begun.

Louis P.O.V

  She was good, I'd have to say. I almost lost to her, but you know me. I always win. "Nice game." she smirked. I heard a ring at the door and went to answer it. the boys stood at my door. "What's up bro?" Harry said. "Nothing, just hanging with someone I just met." I replied. "And their name?" "Melody."

   "So she's a girl eh?" Liam laughed. "Shut up Liam." I nudged him, blushing a bit. "Where is she?" Niall asked. "Out back waiting for me. Why don't you come meet her?" So we walked to the backyard and there she was. Looking absolutely stunning as she already was. "Melody this is the rest of One Direction." I said. "Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn."

   "Nice to meet you all." she replied. I grinned. "Let's go inside shall we?" I led them all inside to the fireplace. I wrapped a blanket around Melody and sat next to her. This was great. She leaned her head on me and I smiled.

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