Melody thinks the world is only giving her bad. A tragedy struck which left her homeless. Running away from the foster house, her life will change. Will she find a way to be happy, or will the darkness take her in?


2. The Escape.

Melody's P.O.V

  I couldn't remember anything else. But her I am, 13 years later, still in this dump. Today, I decided, I would finally make my escape. I remember one thing though. I had 2000 quid, coincidence I know, in my the wallet I grabbed off my parent's table before I was taken away. I have been hiding it ever since. I found my gray duffle bag and put pajamas, a change of clothing, my quid, and anything else I needed. Clarissa no longer lived in the same room so I didn't have to be careful about packing so suddenly. I decided that tomorrow I will go. For the rest of the night I planned my escape.


   I quickly put on some white skinny jeans, a baby blue graphic tee, my black converse, and a light brown beanie. I started to go over my plan, it was perfect, practically fool proof. I grabbed my skateboard, yes I ride a skateboard, and climbed  out my bedroom window. I was 2 stories up, at least if I fell it wouldn't hurt that bad, right? I tied the rope to the hole in the window sill and threw the rest down. I climbed down slowly, trying not to wake anyone, after all it was 4:30 in the morning. I tugged the rope and the window shut. I quickly cut it and stuffed it in my duffle. I was so happy I was out. I quickly got on my skateboard and rode away.

Louis's P.O.V 

   I was walking out early in the morning, just to get some fresh air. It was getting lighter out so you could see fine. i heard rolling on the sidewalk and then something crashed into me. "OY!" I shouted. "What was that for?" "I'm so sorry." I heard a fragile voice say. I looked over to see the most beautiful girl i had ever laid eyes on. She had glossy brunette hair which fell perfectly on her shoulders. Her eyes were as green as spring grass, with a hint of brown by the pupil. I could barely say anything but somehow managed to say it. "Oh no, it's my fault," I said. "I got in your way." "What no!" she laughed. Her laugh. It was just so amazing. "What is a girl like you doing out here at a time like this?" I asked, chuckling a little. "I....I...have nowhere to go." she admitted. "Why don't you come stay with me for awhile?" I asked, sort of pleased on what she said. "No I can't do that." "Sure you can!" I pulled her all the way to my flat. Out of breath when we got there.


Melody's P.O.V

  OMG. Why was he doing this. A gorgeous man who just met me asked me to stay at his house? This was unreal to me. "I never got your name." he said. "It's Melody." I said. "Pretty name, I'm Louis." "Thank you." I said. "Why don't you tell me why you have nowhere to go?" he asked. And so I started on the long story of why, though i was uncertain on telling me. But the words just slipped out of my mouth like it was nothing.

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