Melody thinks the world is only giving her bad. A tragedy struck which left her homeless. Running away from the foster house, her life will change. Will she find a way to be happy, or will the darkness take her in?


1. Mummy? Daddy?

Melody's P.O.V

   I was at home. They came in and took me away. I was young. Only seven when it happened. "Mummy?" I cried. "Daddy?" "They are gone sweetie." A young woman said to me. "F-for how long?" I whimpered. "I'm sorry but, they are not ever coming back." she replied. They carried me away, balling in their arms. I was put in a black van. We arrived at a large black building. "This is your new home." a man said. He guided me in and it seemed so empty. I glanced around, taking in all the features. "Your name?" A lady behind a desk asked. "Melody Dannum." I said. They led me to a big room with another child in it. "Melody this is Clarissa, your roommate." I looked at her. She was so quiet. I mean I was too but who wouldn't be when you were just taken away and showed to some stranger? "Hi." she whispered. I sat down on the bed next to her. I curled up under the covers and fell asleep.

   I awoke to some shaking and I saw Clarissa staring at me. "Wake up." I groaned and got out of bed. I wasn't very comfortable here but Clarissa didn't seem to mind. In fact, I think she warmed up to me strait away, besides her being to shy at first. We walked downstairs for breakfast. "Would you like me to give you a tour?" she asked. "Why not?" I replied, uncertain about my answer. She showed me all around the house, as if it was big enough. Every room was positively huge. She saw me gaping at each room and gave me a little smile. We walked back to our room and settled down. "How long have you been here?" I questioned. "All my life." she answered. I was so shocked for some reason. I was practically speechless. Somehow I managed to get the words out. "Must be hard." "No not really." I glanced up at her to see she was holding a book. I just managed too make out the title, which was half blocked by her leg. 'Misty Mysteries' it read. "You like mysteries too?" I asked. "I love 'em."she said. "My parents used to read me those." A tear streamed down my face. "How's about we go outside for a bit." she smiled. "Sure, i think fresh air will do us all some good."

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