A one direction fan fiction about a girl named Paris falls in love with a couple boys from the band. People fight, people get hurt, but mostly people love. <3


1. First day of school.

Paris P.O.V. : While I'm asleep, I hear a knock on my door. It's my mom. That was the signal to get up. I got straight up out of bed and headed toward the closet. I picked out a lace hollister top with skinny jeans and white toms. As I slipped all my clothes on, I headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Afterwards, I put my makeup on. Everyone loved the way I put on, because I added on wings on the ends. As I finished I grabbed my hot, vibrate pink book bag and rushed outside towards the door. The bus arrived 5 minutes later. As I walked onto the bus, it was loud and noisy. I ignored all the ruckus and headed to the back and sat down. I took out my Samsung Galaxy III and listened to "Rock Me" by One Direction. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, I just really like there music. As the song went by, "Little Things" also by One Direction poped up. This was my favorite song off there new album. When I got to school, it stopped on Niall's solo. I absolutely loved his solo. Too bad we got to school quicker. -_- As I headed off that crowded bus, I went straight class. I was excited about my senior year. When I got to my 1st period, I noticed my friend Chloe was in there. I ran up to her a gave her a huge hug. "Omg, I'm so glad we were in the same classes together!" Chloe said. "Me too!" I responded. We talked the whole time until Mrs.Johnson came in. The whole room grew silent. "Hi, my name is Mrs.Johnson and I'm going to be your social studies teacher." she said. Everyone said hey back to her and we continued class. "Okay, class since it'a the first day of school, we are going to kick back and have a free day." she said. As I looked around, everyone had smiles on there faces or they were looked at there friends. "Okay, do something, but don't go crazy. You guys know better." "Yes ma'am." everyone said. As everyone got up, I just stayed in my seat so Chloe would come to me. She did until I saw some guy that was so attractive. He was wearing blue jeans, a hollister jacket, and some Adidas. His hair was light brown and shaggy. He also had clear blue eyes. When I saw him I felt a little lost. I just realized Chloe was snapping in front of my face. I was so confused. "Paris, Paris, PARIS!" Chloe yelled. I looked at her and then I hid my face and smiled a bit. "Paris, aha. I see your dimple, what's making you smile?" Chloe asked in a nice voice. "Oh, nothing" I said with a smile. " Okay I'm going to gues-" as I cut her off. "Him." I narrowed my eyes over him to him.  Chloe stared at him too. "Wow, you finally have good taste.'' she said with a wink. "Shut up."  I said and giggled. We just talked about him the whole class period. When class was over, I picked up my books and they fell one by one onto the floor. He came toward me then went on the floor to help me. "I got it for you." he said. I smiled and my dimples were showing. He saw me and smiled. As he got my books for me he said, " Hi, my name is Preston." As then he held out his hand for a handshake. I reached out my hand and shook his. Not to be weird or anything but he has some soft hands, aha. "Paris." I said. " That name is so beautiful." Preston said as he smiled. " Thank you." I said as my dimples showed. "You're welcome, hey can we walk together to 2nd period?" he asked. " I'd love to." I said and we walked out. As we walked to class, a clique was winking at Preston. I realized he ignored them and started talking to me. Me, Preston, and Chloe hung out all day. By the end of the end of the day, I had to go to cheer practice. " Well, it was nice meeting you Preston but I gotta go to cheer practice. I'll talk to you later." I said. " You're a cheerleader?" he asked in a surprised tone. "Yes, sorry I forgot to tell you." I said as I took my phone out. "Oh, okay I'll talk to you later, but before you go, can I have your number?" he asked. " Okay, give me a second." I said as I took a pen out. As I got my pen I grabbed his wrist and wrote my number on his hand. "Okay, there you go." I said. "Okay thanks. I'm going to text you at 6." he said. " I got you. Gotta go before I'm late." I said as I waved at him goodbye. As I headed to the gym, everyone was exercising  So, I rushed and changed into my gym clothes then I joined them. When we started doing my stunts, Marissa had a dirty look on her face. I was a front spot and she was a back spot. Whenever we put the flyer up, she would squint her eyes at me. Cheer practice was over and I headed over to the gas station. As I parked my car, I walked into the store. I didn't realize there was someone on the other side of the door. So, the person on the other side of the door hit me then I fell. Whoever it was brought me to the hospital, I felt a little dizzy until I woke up with a set of hazel, brown eyes layed upon me. "I'm really sorry." he said as he kissed my hand. I couldn't help but blush. He was so adorable.

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