Strangers -Completed-

Brooke is 18 years old and lives with her parents in the south west of london, She has 2 little sisters and a welsh sheep dog called meg. Brooke loves to laugh and smile, she has 4 amazing best friends and a boyfriend who loves her to bits. Her best friends happen to be Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and her loving boyfriend happens to be Niall Horan. She has the life that many other girls dream of having and everything seems to be going perfectly. Untill the 24 March 2012, she was on her way home when she got hit by a speeding car. The driver didn't stop to help her and drove away. Its funny how life can change so dramatically in just 4 hours and how delicate the human memory is.


30. One Shot #1

Niall's POV

"I need a doctor! PLEASE GET ME A DOCTOR!" I screamed as I sprinted around the hospital. I found a man dressing in a white coat and immediately assumed it was a doctor. 

" Help, please, help us!" I yelled at him, he froze and walked away, turning around to look at me a couple of times with a expression of horror on his face. Why was everybody so blood heartless? Why wouldn't they help me! Brooke needed help.

I ran around the hospital which now looked deserted. There was nobody in any of the rooms that where full 1 second ago. Where had everybody gone? I then heard a blood curdling scream from the reception. Shit. I started to sprint towards the front desk to see what had happened, praying that it wasn't Brooke who was hurt. When I got there the sight stopped my heart. 

Brooke was lying on the floor, surrounded by blood and on the floor next to her was a baby. A dead baby. 


I screamed as I jolted out of bed. It was all a dream, thank the lord. I looked to my right and saw Brooke, lying on her back, sound asleep. You could see her baby bump through the covers. It was around 9 months ago that Brooke told me she was pregnant. She thought that she was too young to have a baby being 22and all , but I couldn't have been more happy.

Suddenly, Brooke woke up, her face full of fear. " Are you okay?" I asked her. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and looked at me. " I think my water just broke."  Omg omg omg omg. 

I immediately got up and slipped some shoes and a coat on, I grabbed Brooke's shoes and coat and helped her into them. I picked her up and carried her down into the living room where I grabbed the phone and called Louis, he was always the quickest at driving

10 minutes later

"" We need a doctor!" I screamed as we reached the hospital. Brooke was crying in pain as I sat her down in the reception with Louis looking after her and went to look for a doctor. Shit, what if this was like my dream? I tried not to think about it as I ran around the hosptial. I bumped into a man in a white coat so I assumed it was a doctor. Please dont walk away I thought to myself as I told him our situation. He smiled at me and followed me to where Brooke was. Thank god.


" Hi there, Mrs. Horan, I'm Dr. Wallace and I'll be delivering your baby! So how are you feeling?" He asked Brooke who was sitting with her legs spread on a hospital bed. " Great! I can't feel a thing!" she screamed sarcastically. " Sorry doc, its her Hormones." I apologised to the Dr. Wallace and he laughed and nodded his head.

" Now, you will have to push when I tell you to okay? It won't take very long but it will be painful." He told her sternly. She nodded and frowned. I held out my hand for her to grab and she sqeezed it tightly.

" ready. 1.2.3. Push!" came the command. Immediately Brooke's face went red and she squeezed my hand so hard I couldn't feel it anymore. It looked so painful. I am so glad I'm not a girl.


5 minutes later

My heart stopped when I heard the baby's crying. I was a dad. Daddy Horan. " Congratulations! Its a boy!" Came the happy voice of the doctor. It was a boy! I threw my arms in the air and kissed Brooke on the lips. " I love you!" I whispered into her ear. She smiled weakly and reached her arms out, wanting to hold our beautiful baby. The doctor carefully handed him over and Brooke cradled him in her arms. I looked over at them. Brooke was going to be such a good mother. I took my eyes of her and looked at the tiny creature that was wrapped in a small blue blanket. I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with something so quickly.

Our beautiful baby had beautiful blue eyes, much like mine and light blonde hair, like Brooke. I reached down to slowly stroke his cheek and his little hands grabbed my finger. I had never seen something so cute in my life before.

" I love you." I said to him while kissing his tiny cheek lightly. " What should we call him?" I though about this for a while. " Lucus?" I suggested. Brooke's eyes lit up. " I like that a lot." She said.

"Hello little Lucus." She said then kissed his forehead. He smiled and gigled slightly.

My baby Lucus


Aww! Isn't it cute? Do you like the name Lucus? I do! Its one of my favorite boys names.!

Whats yours?

LOve you

El xoxo

Remember: SMile :D

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