Strangers -Completed-

Brooke is 18 years old and lives with her parents in the south west of london, She has 2 little sisters and a welsh sheep dog called meg. Brooke loves to laugh and smile, she has 4 amazing best friends and a boyfriend who loves her to bits. Her best friends happen to be Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and her loving boyfriend happens to be Niall Horan. She has the life that many other girls dream of having and everything seems to be going perfectly. Untill the 24 March 2012, she was on her way home when she got hit by a speeding car. The driver didn't stop to help her and drove away. Its funny how life can change so dramatically in just 4 hours and how delicate the human memory is.


4. Lessons

Brooke's POV

" Your really good at acting Brooke, Thats lesson number 1 of today!" Niall said as he tried to dry his thick blonde hair." I think we should start giving 5 lessons a day so that you can remember things slightly." He lectured

"Yes,Mr Horan.." I replied

He dropped the towel and smiled, Louis came into the living room with a bowl of icing.

" Hello Lovebirds." He smirked, I stopped smiling. It annoyed me how the boys seemed to think that Niall and I where a couple. We weren't, well aren't anymore anyway.

" Im making Cup-" Louis tripped on the towel that Niall and dropped and went falling to the ground. The bowl of icing went flying into the air and landed on Lou's head. He looked up at us with icing dripping down his face. I started to laugh, Niall started to laugh.

" Lesson 2, Louis likes icing." Niall Laughed hysterically

" Oh guys, Liam is out with Dani so-" Harry began to say as he and Zayn came into the room. When they saw Louis they started to laugh aswell.

Louis got up, took the bowl off his head and dusted his blue t-shirt with was now also covered in icing sugar.

He smirked, " I'm Glad you found that amusing Brooke Jones. I doubt you remember anything about our epic wars right?" He asked with an evil look on his face

I shook my head.

He laughed, this was really scary even though Louis didn't exactaly look scary covered in icing.

" Well, lets just leave you in suspence." Everrything went silent.

" I SHOTGUN CURLY!" Louis screamed.

"Lesson Number 3 You and Louis have the craziest food fights ever." Niall Told me. i Guess i was going to have to pick my team

" SHOTGUN NIALLERNATOR AND ZIZI!" I screamed even louder.

" Let the games begin." Louis Stated in a creepy voice.

I grabbed Niall and Zayn and dragged them to the kitchen


" GAMES ROOM IS OUR HOME!" Louis screamed from another part of the house.

I opened the fridge and grabbed the 2 bottles of whipped cream and one bottle of ketchup. I tossed the cream to the boys and kept the ketchup for myself.

" Captin Brooke, The Nialler at your service." Niall saluted.

I laughed and looked at Zayn with expectation

" What, I ain't doing anything like that, i just woke up.!" He complained.

Nialled nudged him.

" Sorry captin Brooke." He saluted unwillingly.

" Better." I nodded.

" Lets go!" I yelled and we crept out of the kitchen and into the garden With Zayn Infront of me and Niall behind. We got to the corner of the house and zayn dissapered. I stopped in my tracks. I heard a crack of a branch being stepped on.

" They're there" I wispered to Naill. He nodded and we got our weapons ready. We slowly advanced around the corner to find Zayn tied up in rope covered in Nutella and milk. I gasped at the horrific sight.

"Save yourselves" Zayn mumbled with what seemed like the last of his breathe. I kissed Zayn on the cheek and told him that he had done well for the team. He smiled at me.

I Quickly turned to Niall to find him looking very confused and angry. Guilt Shot through me. I could tell he was upset. But i don't understand why. He can't still love me right? I lost all my memory of us. So i can't remember how much he loved me.

Niall's POV

Pain. I can't love her. She doesn't remember how much i loved her so we can't be together untill she remembers.

Brooke's POV

" Lets Go Horan!" I yelled as i grabbed Nialls Hand and sprinted into the house. We ran straight into Harry. We stood their looking at each other for a while. Then Niall sprayed Harry with cream. He fell to the floor.

He groaned as he rolled around. Was he okay? I bent down to help him but Nialled grabbed me and pulled me back up.

" Lesson Number 4, You take this VERY seriously, YOu have never lost and if Louis wins this time he will never let it go."

I nodded and left Harry rolling around the floor. Couldn't have hurt that bad, it was just cream.

We advanced into the Games room. Nobody was there. I looked around. I heard a noise coming from the wardrobe.

Suddenly Louis jumped out of the wardrobe and grabbed my arms. He put his hand on my mouth and stopped me form screaming.

Niall looked at him in horror.

" Please mate, let her go." He Said in his amazing Irish Accent.

" HAha, You think its that easy Nialler?" Louis cackled.

" Fine! Let her go, You can have me insted." Niall told Louis.

He was sacraficing himself for me. Why would he do that?

I Bit Louis hand and he yelped.

" No Niall, You don't need to do that!" I screamed.

" Lesson 5, Yes i do. I will do anything for you."

Hey Guys! Hope you like it!NOthing to say.. LUV YAH! A cliff-hanger cos i like them.

El xx

Remember: Smile


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