Strangers -Completed-

Brooke is 18 years old and lives with her parents in the south west of london, She has 2 little sisters and a welsh sheep dog called meg. Brooke loves to laugh and smile, she has 4 amazing best friends and a boyfriend who loves her to bits. Her best friends happen to be Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and her loving boyfriend happens to be Niall Horan. She has the life that many other girls dream of having and everything seems to be going perfectly. Untill the 24 March 2012, she was on her way home when she got hit by a speeding car. The driver didn't stop to help her and drove away. Its funny how life can change so dramatically in just 4 hours and how delicate the human memory is.


10. I missed You

Hey Guys, Yes this is a authors note at the beginning of the chapter! WOW!  LLN, this is just so say that this chapter is dedicated to Savvannaloves1D because she said she wanted a long chapter and this is going to be LOOONG.. SO Yeah. Enjoy!:D

Brooke's POV

I exited the taxi and grabbed my suitcase from the boot, i then payed the driver and the taxi sped of into the darkness. It was about 9:45 when i arrived on the street where Niall and the boys lived. I missed this street, the trees where big and casted shadows along the pavement, there was a slight wind that sent chills down my spine. I walked slowly down the street taking in all the fresh air possible and trying to calm myself down as i got closer and closer to the house. I didn't know why i was so nervous. I should be excited but i wasn't. Not at all. I was happy to see the boys again and definitely happy to see Niall but i couldn't get over the fact about what had happened. I had kissed his best friend. I don't know why i did it and i don't think i will ever know but it will definitely be awkward when i see Zayn and Niall again. I'm Not sure if the other boys know what happened. They obviously know it has something to do with me because i left in such a state, I regret going. I really do, I wished i could have stayed and cried into Niall's arms but i had hurt him to much and i didn't deserve to feel loved. I stopped when i got to the flight of stairs that led to the entrance of the house. I took a deep breath started to walk towards the door. once i was 30cm away from the door, i took another deep breathe and nocked.

Niall's POV

There was a knock on the door. Brooke.

Brooke's POV

The door swung open to reveal a beautiful blonde boy, he was standing there with a bunch of roses in his hand and a huge smile on his face. He handed me the roses, they smelt great. I stood there looking at this beautiful boy who had given the roses to me. His bright blue eyes twinkled and his smile made me feel warm inside. 

" I missed you Brooke" He said sincerely

I felt my eyes start to flood with tears, He missed me, he forgave me. 

" I missed you more Nialler" I replied half crying half smiling. We stood there staring at each other in awe for about 1 minute.

" Bloody kiss her already!" A husky voice came from the side. I chuckled at Harry's comment. I missed him, 

Niall pulled me close to him and placed his forehead on mine, I stared deeply into his gorgeous eyes and planted my lips against his, my heart started to pound and butterflies where let loose in my stomach, the only thing i could thing about was LOVE LOVE LOVE. I ran my hands through his soft hair as he pulled me closer to him. I never wanted this moment to stop. When we finally broke apart i realised that all the boys where watching contently with a huge grin on their faces. 

" That was better than Love Actually!" Louis teased.

" Again again again!" Harry Chanted and then Zayn Joined in

Liam wolf whistled and the boys started to chuckle, I left and the boys gave me a group hug.

" You have NO idea how depressed Niall was when you left" Louis said. OH really?

 " Shut up Louis!" Niall hit Louis gently. I giggled. 

" Niall, do you mind if we stay friends a little bit longer before... well .. us?" I told Niall gesturing between me and him

" What after that?" " NO WAY!" Louis yelled.

" We are doing what the lady wants!" Niall scolded and then looked at me. " Of course brookie, anything for you." I smiled at him.

" guys, do you mind leaving me and Zayn alone so we can have a chat?" I asked the boys, they nodded and started to head out of the room. Niall then turned back and said " Keep your hands off her Zi, i called dibs!" Niall says, half serious and half joking. 

" Don't worry mate, it wont happen" He replied truthfully.

Niall left the room and i looked at Zayn.

" OKay.. well. I love Niall.. and i love you to but in a just friends way, i don't know why i kissed you back but i did and i don't know why you kissed me but you did. " I began

" Heat of the moment" Zayn chirped.

" Yep, so i want you to forgive me for being a pain in the arse." I told him and he laughed.

" Don't worry babe, i love u to in a friends way, when you left i saw how much it had hurt Niall and he cried. ALOT. and Nobody should be able to make Niall cry so you keep your powers to yourself. I would never want to hurt my best friend." He said honestly

It made me feel better that Zayn says kissing me was a mistake, i was more confident now." Okay, cool." 

" Cool" i replied

Harry Entered the room. " You guys done your little heart to  heart because Louis and I think we should play Truth or Dare." He announced. 

" Coolio, i wanna play" I chirped 

" Me to!" Zayn Smiled as he sprinted towards the sofa. leaped over the back rest and landed in a huge pile of pillows. I laughed and sat down on another sofa, Harry and Louis sat on the sofa opposite me and then Niall and Liam decided to join us. Liam sat next to Zayn and Niall sat next to me. 

" OKay who is first? Brooke do you want to ask?" Louis said. I scanned his eyes around the room.

" Niall" " Truth or Dare?" 

Niall though about it for a while.

" Truth" He said. 

" Where did we meet and where did we have our first kiss?" I asked.

Niall's POV

" We met on a beach" I said 


" I need your sunglasses!" I told a random girl who was suntanning on the beach, the paparazzi where chasing me and I couldn't deal with them right now. I sat on the beach chair next to her as i stole her sunglasses and placed them on my face. 

" What the F-" 

" SHHHhhhhHHHHH!" I placed my hand over her mouth to stop her saying anything " Be quiet or they will see me!" I whispered

She leaned back onto her deck chair and sighed. The paparazzi ran by us and i relaxed. 

" Can i have my sunglasses back now?" She asked impatiently.

I turned to look at her and i was stunned. She had huge Sea-Green eyes and beautiful blonde hair that was covering her face slightly. " h-h-here." i stuttered as i handed back her glassed. She was so beautiful, i stat there staring at her, shocked. I needed to know this girl. 

" Hi, Im Niall." I introduced 

" Hi, im Brooke" She said as she pushed her sunglasses higher up her face.

Brookes POV


" Hi, Im Brooke" I said as i pushed the sunglasses higher up my face. This boy i was talking to was Really good looking, He had an irish accent that made him even more good looking, I have to admit i was really pissed of at the start because he stole my glasses but he seems quite nice.

" Can i borrow your phone?" He asked.

" Like you borrowed my sun glasses?" I teased.

He laughed and i melted inside. His laugh was amazing. it gave me tingles. 

" Sure" I said as i handed him my phone. He started to type away. I couldn't stop staring at him, I noticed that he stuck his tongue out a little bit when he was concentrating. It was so cute. I started to giggle. He looked up with a confused face which made me want to laugh more. I burst into laugher and he seemed to start laughing to. He then chucked me my phone. I looked at it and realized i had one extra contact. The Niallernator. WTF?

" Hey-" I began to say but was cut off by Niall kissing me. Buterflies went crazy in my stomach. I normally wouldn't kiss a random boy i just met but this was an exception.

Niall's POV


i normally wouldn't kiss a girl i just met but this was an Exception

Brooke's POV


When we broke apart he smile at me and type something in quickly on his phone. Suddenly my phoned buzzed. 

The Niallernator- Im Glad I met you Sunglasses Girl ;)

When i looked up Niall wasn't there anymore. 

- Im glad i met you to Paparazzi Boy x - I replied



There we go!! SUPER LONG CHAPTER!!!!!!! This took me like 1 hour to type up so i hope you guys are happy and like it! Wasn't their meeting cute? I was wondering if i should make a new cover or not..... I'm not sure. So if you have an idea then tell me and if you want to you can make it for me!! xx PLEASE! hahah x please dont bother yourself to make one.. Honestly i just want to know if a cover change would be good or not and if so what the cover should be!, Please comment and tell me if you have any good ideas! LFC! 

Lots of LOve

El xoxo

Remember: Smile :D

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