Strangers -Completed-

Brooke is 18 years old and lives with her parents in the south west of london, She has 2 little sisters and a welsh sheep dog called meg. Brooke loves to laugh and smile, she has 4 amazing best friends and a boyfriend who loves her to bits. Her best friends happen to be Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and her loving boyfriend happens to be Niall Horan. She has the life that many other girls dream of having and everything seems to be going perfectly. Untill the 24 March 2012, she was on her way home when she got hit by a speeding car. The driver didn't stop to help her and drove away. Its funny how life can change so dramatically in just 4 hours and how delicate the human memory is.


1. You don't remember me?

Guys! Its El here, just saying that this story is completed! :D after the very last chapter there will be one shot things! so Its not technically over but it is... So yeah! Keep reading and tell your friends about it and stuff! Enjoy


I heard the beeping sound first. At first it seemed like my alarm clock but after a while i noticed that it was different. Many things where different about the room where I was lying. The bed was softer than my one at home and the room smelt different. It didn't smell of fresh air and perfume but of disinfectant. Strong disenfectant. The beeping sound carried on in the backround. It had been beeping for a while now, long before i woke up. Thing is, Im not completely sure that i did wake up, i don't think i ever went to sleep. It just felt like my brain had shut itself off and just turned back on. My senses blurred and my head filled with pain. I tried to open my eyes but it seemed like i had forgotten how to. I tried to life my arm, nothing. It felt like i was dead. I couldn't see anything or feel anything, I could just listen, but sure enough just then my hearing faded away aswell. I was left in the dark. Cold and alone.


The beeping sound came back, so did the smells, then slowly the feelings did aswell. It felt like somebody had flipped a switch and turned my brain on. I felt pain in my head and my leg. I opened my eyes, Light flooded in. It burned but i didnt care, It felt like i hadn't seen light in so long and i was so glad it was back. i looked around me, the blurr or colours cleared and I saw the end of a metal bed. Pipes where attached to my skin and i felt helpless. I turned my head slightly to the right, pain shot through my neck, i would have screamed but i couldn't. By my bed there was a little table, and on that table was a rose. The rose was supposed to be red but it had withered away to a brown colour, some of the petals had falled from the table and kept withering away on the white laminate floor.

The door opened and a woman wearing a white coat came into the room. She obviously saw that i was awake and came over to me. The woman put on a smile and said

" Hello Brooke, Im Dr Martins, how are you feeling?" She asked in a sweet voice, a sickly sweet voice.

I tried to say something but my throat was bone dry and no words came out.

" here let me get you some water." Dr Martins said as she handed me a cup of water.

I lifted by hand evev though it felt like there was a 20kg weight attached to it. I sipped down the water and handed the cup back to the Dr.

I tried to speak again. This time words actually came out.

" Where am i?" i croaked.

" In hospital darling, you where hit by a speeding car and have been in a coma for 2 months."

The words cut into me like knives. I replayed every word over and over again untill it made no sense.

" What is your last memory?" Dr Martins asked

i tried to remember, My 15th birthday. I was on a cruise with my best friends, haylie and jenn and my amazing boyfriend. James. I remember when i asked the captain if there where sharks in the water. I couldn't remember his answer.

" my 15th birthday" i managed to say

She looked worried,

" Brooke, how old are you?" She asked me, Shouldnt she know this?

" 15, a few days ago" I replied, my voice was coming back to me.

her smile disapered

" your 18 Hunny not 15

What? I am 18? I missed 3 years in my life? How is that possible?

" Now listen to me, You are suffering memory loss, it is very commen in a patient who suffered head injuries, normally the memory loss is about 1 year, its very uncommen to have lost your memory for 3 years. I want you to stay in hospital for a little longer so we can do some tests." She said as nicely as she could. bless her for trying, but i don't think anyone could have made that news any easier to hear.

There was a knock on the door

" Come in" Dr Martins called

A beautiful blonde haired boy walked into the hosptial room. He had a worried and scared look on his face. When he saw that i was awake his face lit up.

"Brooke" he wispered. I felt a connection with him almost straight away. His eyes where a bright blue, his hair was messy and it looked like he hadn't brushed it in a while. He was wearing a white t-shirt and kahkis. He reminded me of someone but i had no idea who. He seemd to know me, very well infact as he came to my bed and knelt down on the foor next to me. Crushing the rose petals that lay on the floor.

" Brookie, how are you feeling?" he asked softley, he had a strong irish accent which made him even more gorgeous.

"Im Fine." I replied as i tried to sit myself up. Pain shot through my body when i sat up. I grimaced

"Carefull Brooke, we won't wanting you to hurt yourself even more." The Doctor warned. " i'll leave to guys to have some time alone.."

The blonde Boy looked at me in the eyes and smiled

" the boys really want to see you but i told them that they would scare you." He laughed

what boys? Does he mean James?

" You'll be alright, love" He leaned in to give me a kiss on the forehead but i backed away. His face filled with pain.

Who was this boy? I don't know him. How does he know me? Why did he try to kiss me?

" Who . are you?" i stuttered

"Brooke..." He mumbled

" Why did you try to kiss me?" I said loudly.

His eyes filled with tears, I don't know why but at the sight of this boy crying my heart broke into tiny little pieces that pierced my insides.

"You dont remember me?" he wispered

i shook my head.

He turned away and stood up, he started to pace back and forth, tears streaming down his face. Then he stopped and turned back to me, pain clear in his eyes.

" I'm Niall Horan." He said unstabley. "im your.." he hesitated " Friend"


Hey guys! Do you like it? This is my own book (El) I am writing this on my own so i hope you like it! If you get confused just ask me cos i don't think this chapter was very clear. I will be writing this along with Fate? with Avery!

so i hope you like it!

lOvE YoU lOtS

El xox

Remember: Smile :D




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