my name is eleanor calder. i am louis tomlinsons girlfriend and this is our journey.


11. you say what ???



today me and lou are going for a pregnancy cheack up. we got in the car and i told louis "hmm louis ,do you like the name noah for a boy too. "oh my god thats so cute " he said "i think we should call it that if its a boy". he said. we started drivin and soon arrived . we waited until a nurse came out and called us. we went in and i sat on the bed. she pulled my shirt up and put the lue goo on it. she moved the stick around and a shocked expression showed up on her face while looking at the monitor. "umm i dont know how to say this but, your having twins" said the nurse. i was so happy. i looked over at lou. he had a smile plastered all over his face "yes" he shouted " thank you we both said before leaving. LOUIS POV   i am so happy, i have always wanted twins. el was happy too. we both got into the car. i was just about to start it when i got a text i looked at it " damn it " i muttered.

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