my name is eleanor calder. i am louis tomlinsons girlfriend and this is our journey.


6. telling the boys (and girs)

we got out of the lift and stepped out into the hall. we walked until we got to room 4192. lou swiped his card in the door and w walked inside the room. niall and zayn and harry and liam were talking and so were perrie and dani ( i know dani and liam are not going out anymore. but they are in this story ok.) "hello" i said "ellie" eveybody came over and hugged me. isat down next to lou on the couch and he said "guys we have some news to tell you" he looked at meand i said "im pregnant" "congratullations everyone shouted. they started shouting questions at us like

.how far along are you

.do you know if its a boy or girl

. what is its name going to be

"shh" i said. "i xont know how far along i am but i am going for a scan as soon as i get back to england.  and i do not know if its a boy or girl yet". "and what about names "niall asked. "well, if its a gir its deifinatley emma and if its a boy its eitheir going to be toby or nick." said louis. "aww. "they all said obiosley liking the names. we talked for awhile beor louis said "guys me and el are goig out to dinner now so we'll see you later". i forgot all about it . we leftt thehotel and lou drove to a seafood reastaraunt.

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