my name is eleanor calder. i am louis tomlinsons girlfriend and this is our journey.


7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when we walked into the reastaraunt a lady lead us to a table. we both ordered fish and chips. we waited for our food.  then louis spoke up "elanor, from the moment i met you i knew you were the one and today when you said you were pregnant i was so happy so.." he got down on one knee "elanor , will you marry me " he took out a ring from his pocket. " yes yes yes !!" i shouted jumping up and giving him a kiss. he slid the beautiful ring on my finger. we kissed again this time passionatley. we broke the kiss as our food was sooooo good. we paid and got a cab back to thte hotel and went into the lift. "so when do you want to tell our parent " louis aasked. "i was going to skype my paraents tonight, maybe you should do the same""ya i think i will do that " we walked to our room and into louis room. we skyped both our parents and told them the news. they were happy for us. we walked back out to the lounge and talked to everybody else. they were excited for the wedding. me and louis went back to the bedroom and cuddled up and fell asleep. today was a long long day. now just to tell the public.

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