my name is eleanor calder. i am louis tomlinsons girlfriend and this is our journey.


3. nerves

i flickered my eyes open. i could feel the nerves in my stomach. today was the day i am going to have to tell him. i am excited, nervous and anything else you can think of. i have not seen louis in a whole 2 months because he was touring in america. anyway today i am flying over to L.A and im going to surprise him at a cd singing in HMV (i dont knpw f theyhave HMV in america but they do in ireland and the U.K. ) thereis a 9/10 chance he will dump me but i have to tell him eventualy. i slipped out of bed and walked over o my wardrobe. i put on a yellow knee length floral dress and yellow high top converse. i walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and put on a small bit of makeup. i think i was too nervous to eat so i took my case and handbag and walked down the stairs and out the door. i locked up and got into a taxi. he drove me to the airport where i boarded the 4928 flight to L.A.

i got off the plane to a packed airport. i looked out for my friend liz who was meant to pick me up. i saw a big tuft of blackhair and knew it was liz. i ran over and gave her a big hug. she helped me with my bag and we drove to her flat in her car. on the way i asked her could she drop me at HMV and take my bags to her flat where i will be staying. she knew my circumstances so she said of course. she dropped me outside . the cue was very long. me and louis have been together for 2 years now. ya we have our fights like every couple but i love him so so much. after 4 hours of cueing it was my turn to go. louis was first. i walked over and as soon as he saw me he shouted "ellie " heran over and kissed me. he stopped and looked me in the eyes. i couldent help the tears role down my cheaks. "el " whats wrong said lou pulling me aside. " lou i need to tell you somthing. l-lou i-im p-p-pregnant. and its yours.


ha twist. well is it possible to put a twist in the first chapter. u see that is why i did not say it in the blurb.

so how do u think lou-lou will take it and remember to




and maybe become a fan of me :D



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