my name is eleanor calder. i am louis tomlinsons girlfriend and this is our journey.


8. chapter8

2 WEEKS LATER .....................

i flickered my eylids open and rooled oover to see louis already awake. "so...todays the day." he said "yep". we got out of bed and had breakfast. we were now back in england and i found out i am 1 and a half months pregnant. the paps have started roumours about it so today we are going on a talk show to confirm it, i dont think i can eat so i went into the bedroom to get ready. i wont be going on stage anyway so i just put on a pair of denim shorts and a long sleeved puffy,cream floral top and cream pumps. i walked back out to see all the boys dressed with dani and perri. they all looked so nice. the girls were dressed in nothing too fancy eitheir. we got in a car and went to the studios

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