Love is What We Fight For

This story is about a girl who's name is Jeanette who has silky wavy brown hair,blue eyes,pale skin,and a beautiful voice.Her personality is unique:she loves singing,dancing,and she loves the boy band 1 Direction,but she has a past that comes and haunts her and her ex is part of it,she also has a secret no one expected,especially Harry Styles who has the same secret and when they fall deeply in love Jeanette forgets her all about her past untill it catches up to her.Read to find out what happens.


11. Sleepover

Jeanette's P.O.V

We were settling down when Elena told the girls it was time to leave "No! Can't we sleepover?" the triplets and Layli said in unison "Go ask your Aunt,tell her I said you can." they all squealed visibly happy,Jane was the happiest."Auntie Auntie can we sleepover?!" they pleaded "Bell what do you think you want them to sleepover?" I asked Bell who was on my lap "Yes!Yes!" she said climbing off my lap and toddling to Jane who picked her up with ease she was a vampire after all.

After settling the girls in Bell's playrooom I walked back to the lounge where the boys were there watching telly.I walked up to Harry giving him a kiss while sitting next to him,we were watching The Haunted.I was pretty scared just ask the boys you could hear me screaming everytime a scary part showed up.Finally I decided I'd go with the girls and keep an eye on the because quite a lot of times we heard a crash and then gasping and then Bell giggling "Oooh you bwoke it." which was some of the reasons why I kept screaming and jumping.When I got there nobody was inside "Girls?" I asked taking a hesitant step in the room "gir-" I was cut off by Layli screaming "ATTACK!!!!" and all the girls jumping on me knocking me to the floor "Oof!" I said as the squeezed the air out of me but who am I tricking?I don't need air! We all started laughing as the girls got off and layed on there backs,I did the same "Who wants to play hide'n'seek?!" I say getting up "ME!"they say getting up fast,I start counting "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...11...12... 13...14... 15...16...17...18 ...19...20...Ready or not here I come!" I say looking for them.I look in the closet no one there then I look under the bed "I found you!" I say giggling as Bell starts crawling out and hugging me "You find me!" she yells giggling as well "Can I help find de oders!" she asks I nodd "Let's go." we find Jane in the closet which is closest to Bell's room and all I've got to say is well Bell has truly helped Jane get over her father.We find Janise in the bathroom under the sink,Jen in Harry's and my room inside the closet under a pile of clothes that were on the lower shelf,and we all find Layli under a blanket which Louis has his arm on saying that Layli is in the kitchen but we pry him off "Bell your turn!"I say as she runs off towards Harry climbing into his lap and counting"1...2...3..." we all scatter,I run into my room slipping under the love seat we have in there.I start realizing that Layli and Louis are perfect for each other cuz there both dramatic,fun,funny,and crazy (not really but you know what I mean) and would be cute together I'll talk to Louis then Layli about it.I heard Bell found Jane,Jen and Janise only me and Layli left "Found you Layli!" Bell squeals not to far from here i thinking the bathroom then I hear shuffling and then the girls giggling "This is the only place you guys didn't check right?" they all nodd then Bell squeals "Found you mommy!" as she crawls right under the love seat with me trying to pull me out.
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