Love is What We Fight For

This story is about a girl who's name is Jeanette who has silky wavy brown hair,blue eyes,pale skin,and a beautiful voice.Her personality is unique:she loves singing,dancing,and she loves the boy band 1 Direction,but she has a past that comes and haunts her and her ex is part of it,she also has a secret no one expected,especially Harry Styles who has the same secret and when they fall deeply in love Jeanette forgets her all about her past untill it catches up to her.Read to find out what happens.


1. New Town

Jeanette's P.O.V

I woke up this morning with my alarm blaring the song "Live While We're Young"
by 1 Direction which is my favorite band I got up and went into my bathroom to get ready for high school I brushed my teeth and my hair and left it naturally curled I then I went into my walk-in-closet I picked out a dark blue off-the-shoulder shirt with a white tank top under and put on
some dark blue jeans and slipped on my black toms,grabbed my black leather jacket and black and blue backpack.when I got to school I went straight to my locker and did my combination "5" turn"10"turn"5" and put my backpack inside and grabbed my books of history class,all of my books were in order History,Science,P.E.,Math,English,and Art.Art was actually just a large sketch pad and P.E. was a folder of my scores and homework but today was Friday so I didn't have any homework the bell rang so I shut my locker and walked to homeroom I set my stuff down and grabbed my journal where I slip notes I got and wrote of how the day went and if the council was on my track but I barely moved here and today was my 5 day so they couldn't have found me yet.I checked my homework to see if I forgot anything,I didn't.The bell rang,I got up and packed my things and headed to History, when I got there I sat at my usual spot by the window.I put my things away and started getting ready when I heard the History teacher Mr.Jackerlen introducing a new student my head shot up to scan him or her "Good morning class."
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