Love is What We Fight For

This story is about a girl who's name is Jeanette who has silky wavy brown hair,blue eyes,pale skin,and a beautiful voice.Her personality is unique:she loves singing,dancing,and she loves the boy band 1 Direction,but she has a past that comes and haunts her and her ex is part of it,she also has a secret no one expected,especially Harry Styles who has the same secret and when they fall deeply in love Jeanette forgets her all about her past untill it catches up to her.Read to find out what happens.


2. New Boy

The class replied to the teacher "Good morning Mr.Jackerlen." "I would like to introduce you to our new student Harry Styles." the teacher said,all the girls started screaming "OMG!You're from 1Direction!!!" I just smiled but don't get me wrong I would've done it but I had to keep my cool.Mr.Jackerlen then shushed the class and told Harry where he'd be sitting I looked to my side I was the only one who had an empty spot next to them and I knew Mr.Jackerlen noticed "Harry you will be sitting next to Jeanette.Jeanette please raise your hand." I raised my hand Harry started walking over,when he sat down I introduced myself "Hi,My name is Jeanette Bloom." he smiled and replied "Hey my name is Harry Styles but I'm pretty sure you already know me." I smiled and assured it "Yep I'm a big fan." he smiled and nodded "Um can you help I'm a bit lost.what are we learning?" "We're learning Ancient Greek.".the rest of the day sped by and it turned out Harry was in all of my classes.When I was heading home Harry walked up to me and asked "Um can I have your number?" I nodded and we switched phones to install our numbers.He then asked something I was amazed at "You want to be my girlfriend?" I immediately answered "You don't know what your getting yourself into." but he urged on "Yes I do." and kissed me,I kissed back we then stopped and he said out of breathe "So..." I looked into his I eyes they were green "Yes." he grinned "Come with me." I followed him into his car "good thing I came walking today" I thought then Harry smiled and said "Yeah it's a good thing you did." I stared at him "What?" he looked shocked "You heard what I thought!?" we both said at the same time


Sorry everyone if it was short I'll try To make the next chapter longer if it was short feel free to tell me!
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