Love is What We Fight For

This story is about a girl who's name is Jeanette who has silky wavy brown hair,blue eyes,pale skin,and a beautiful voice.Her personality is unique:she loves singing,dancing,and she loves the boy band 1 Direction,but she has a past that comes and haunts her and her ex is part of it,she also has a secret no one expected,especially Harry Styles who has the same secret and when they fall deeply in love Jeanette forgets her all about her past untill it catches up to her.Read to find out what happens.


12. Louis and Layli

Layli's P.O.V

We were playing hide'n'seek and auntie Jeanette was it so I ran down stairs into the lounge asking the boys if I could hide here they all nodded as Louis the hot one-oops did I really say that?well he picked up a blanket and gestured me to hide under it he was so sweet I thought as he put his arm around me tugging me closer.

When Jeanette found everyone they came down stairs and into the lounge looking for me "Move your hand uncle Louis." Bell said as I felt her climbing onto his shoulder and tugging his arm away "She's in the kitchen HONEST!" he yells but it just makes me giggle as I slide out onto the floor.

Louis' P.O.V

The girls were playing hide'n'seek as me and the boys watched telly when Layli came in asking if she could hide here I immediatly nodded gesturing towards a blanket next to me she smiled as she walked over climbing in next to me,I put my arm around tugging her close.She was so beautiful when she smiled,and she fit perfectly against me...
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