Love is What We Fight For

This story is about a girl who's name is Jeanette who has silky wavy brown hair,blue eyes,pale skin,and a beautiful voice.Her personality is unique:she loves singing,dancing,and she loves the boy band 1 Direction,but she has a past that comes and haunts her and her ex is part of it,she also has a secret no one expected,especially Harry Styles who has the same secret and when they fall deeply in love Jeanette forgets her all about her past untill it catches up to her.Read to find out what happens.


23. Just me and him

Jeanette's P.O.V


I was getting ready for my night out with Harry.


I put on a dark blue dress with gold designs to match my nails i got done yesterday.


I slipped on some dark blue heels and put my hair in a neat bun.


"Ready Harry!' I called.


"K  Jeanette!" Harry called back.


I walked downstairs where Bell was.


"Bye Bell,remember have fun but not to much fun at the mall." i said kissing her forhead.


"Don't worry mom Jane,JaniseJen,Layli,Zayn,Liam,and Niall will be there since Johnny is 5 so Louis needs to stay."Bell said kissing my cheek.


"OK baby.Just call me if anything happens k?" i said as she nodded.


"Ready Jeanette?" Harry asked pecking my lips.


"Yep!" i said as we walked out the door,"Bye girls!Bye boys!'' i called out.


*At dinner*


"Thank you babe for taking me out.I've missed just us." i said as we finished our desert paying at the front.


"Welcome babe." Harry said as we got back in the limo.


"So where we heading to next Harry?" i asked as he whispered something to William,our limo  driver.


"Somewhere we haven't been for a while." He simply said.


"Oh and where is that?" i asked curiosly.


"You'll find out soon." he said.


*they've arrived at the 'place'.*


"We're here Jeanette." Harry said sticking his hand out.


"My my my what a gentleman!" i exclaimed taking his hand as he pulled me out of the limo.


My hand immediatly flew to my mouth."Oh Harry!" i gasped as the meadow he took me to before we had Bell came into view.


"You remember i see!' he chuckled pulling me to our spot under a willow.


"How do think i could forget!" i exclaimed once again.


"I do also miss our times alone." he said as he set his hand on my waist.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked as i took his other hand nodding.


"So how do you like our night out so far?" he asked dipping me.


"I love it!" i said as he pulled me back up to fast that we ended up falling.


"AH ha ha ha!" i laughed as well as him.


 "Well i'm very happy you love it.'' he said as i rolled off him,now laying beside him.


"The stars are beautiful aren't they?" i said pointing at the stars.


"Not as beautiufl as you." he said as i blushed,giggling.


"Look!A shoting star!" i gasped pointing at it.


'What'd you wish for,Love?" he asked.


I grinned."I already have everything i could've wished for." i said kissing him.


"But i wish this night would never end." i sighed.


"Me too...Me too..."He said as he got up holding out his and as i took it he pulled me up.


"But we've already been here for 2 hours.We have to go." I said.


Bell's P.O.V.


(Surprise surprise!)


Me and the girls were going to meet the boys at the malls food court when i bumped into someone.


"I am so sorry!" i gasped helping the boy who had fallen up.


"It's fine.'' he said as he just stared at me.


"Ahem!" Jane cleared her throat stepping in front of me as she growled i took in his looks.


He had black hair and bright green eyes,he also had a style that said 'Every girl wants me'.


Cocoa growled."Sit Cocoa!I'm sorry she's over protective!'' i commanded as well as apologizing.


"It's fine!" he said "By he way I'm Ricardo,Ricardo James Smith." Ricardo said sticking his hand out.


"I'm Bell,Bell Winter Styles." i said taking his hand.


"Bell do-" Jane started.


"I'm 14 years old Jane!Please just let me have this on time to hang out!" i pleaded turning my bright green eyes with  gold specks on her.".

"Fine!But I'm taking Cocoa off her leash!" the first part directed to me and the second to Ricardo Jane said taking Cocoa off her leash and slipping the leash into her purse.


"Bell the boys are waiting!" Layli said tugging on my hand.


''Oh!You have a boyfriend?" Ricrdo asked looking a little down.


"No!Of course not!They just my uncle's and their fiance's!" i said as his face lit up.


"Then can i have your number?" he asked,i nodded writing it down on a piece of pare as Cocoa and the girls growled making him wince.


I handed it to him as he smiled.


Leaving Jane scolded me putting Cocoa on her leash.


''What were you thinking Bell!We are supposed to keep you safe!".


"I can take care of myself!Especially when he is human!" i said a little annoyed,"I'm not always going to be a baby!You all may be older than me but i am still a teen!".


Jane's eyes softened "Oh Bell i just want to make sure nothing happens to you!I can't lose any more family!" she said as the girls said at the same time "Hey!What about us!".


"Oh i of course love all of you as well!"


"Hey what took you girls so long!" Niall said walking over.


(Hope you lked the long chapter!And ooooh!Is Bell falling in love!?)



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