Love is What We Fight For

This story is about a girl who's name is Jeanette who has silky wavy brown hair,blue eyes,pale skin,and a beautiful voice.Her personality is unique:she loves singing,dancing,and she loves the boy band 1 Direction,but she has a past that comes and haunts her and her ex is part of it,she also has a secret no one expected,especially Harry Styles who has the same secret and when they fall deeply in love Jeanette forgets her all about her past untill it catches up to her.Read to find out what happens.


16. Danger and growth

Jeanette's P.O.V


It was Bell's nineth birthday the day after Christmas and her cousins had sad news for her you know the triplets and Layli well there mother died of an anonymous attack that indeed killed her permantly so they staying with us there kind of happy though 'cause they really like the boys and Bell especially Layli who is now Louis' girlfriend "Layli honey you sure your fine?" Louis asked she hasn't been talking anyone except Louis since she came here,her sisters are different they'll just stop in the middle of something for a while then get back on track but Layli was devastated she was the closest to her mother and it hurt her."I'm fine." she answered in a hoarse whisper as Louis worriedly glanced at her then payed her attention back at me "We should get a pyhcyatrist to help her know she couldn't have done anything to stop Elena's death." Louis said pleading "Fine but only two weeks K?" I said knowing it hurt him to see her like this -RING- someone rung the doorbell and as the chime went off I got up and answered "Hello?" I asked looking around as my eyes stopped at a dark red box I picked it up and read the card on top "Dear Jeanette the death of your cousin was necessary for Jerry's love for you has grown into my heart and is still thriving my dear dear darling you will feel the same when you see what I have brought you in valid of our love. Love,your lover" it read. I crumpled it up and slipped it in my back pocket and picked up the lid from the box inside was a dried up rose and another note "Our love" was the title I guess it was a poem "Our love shall seek a peeking point,for I loved your winning smile that could spread for miles and miles,for in dark or light my love is still bright for you,with a warm kiss and a hug too,I love you I love you Forever us two..." it said "Oh how beautiful." I thought roughly crumbling both the flower and note letting the crushed petals fall as I slip the crumpled note into my pocket to burn later "Mommy it's time for cake." Bell said tugging at my sleeve "K Baby let's go." I said taking her hand as she lead me to the table where everyone was waiting "Who was it?" asked Louis "I don't know all I saw was this dark red box with two notes and I a dried rose which I crumbled each one but I still have the notes in my pocket." I said as Harry growled "Let me see the notes after the party." I nodded as I put Bell on my lap handing her the knife.

After cake we did presents,Bell got a baby girl husky which she named Cocoa from me and Harry,also an iPod touch from Zayn,an iPhone from Liam for safety reasons he said,an "I love food so fetch me some." T-shirt from Nialler which he got a giggle from,a collar and leash from Louis,connected food and water bowls from Layli,a dog bed from Janise,a dog tag from Jen which we were gonna imprint the info on tomorrow,and a blanket and some chew toys from Jane which we all got a thank you from Bell.
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