Niall Horan OneShot

Niall Horan oneshot.
Characters: Y/N, Niall Horan, Amy Green
Plot: Niall saves you from an evil ex of his
Warnings: Cussing, and some violence


1. Niall saves you

"Where am I?" I asked opening my swollen eyes slowly. "Shut up bitch." Someone hissed at me. I regained my vision quickly enough to see Amy. "What are you doing?" I asked her. She held up a knife. "Well, I'm going to kill you. You stole my Niall, I'm going to steal your life." I gasped. "You cunt! It was over a year ago why can't you get over it!" I yelled at her. "You know, I figured tying you up and threatening to take your life would make you afraid to talk back but you aren't are you?" "No I'm fucking not. I'm pissed." She chuckled a dark evil laugh. "Ew did someone hear a witch?" I asked out loud. She looked over at me darkly. "What? Cant handle a little banter?" I teased. "You're a bitch." She said tightening her grip on her knife. It didn't scare me because I knew she was a pansy. Words hurt her with ease. And if that's what I have to do enable to live then so be it! "I don't care." I told her back. She threw the knife on the ground and stomped over to a table. "BE FUCKING SCARED!" She yelled. "Here's a" "AH!" She screamed in frustration. "I literally can't believe you aren't fucking scared! You are going to die why aren't you scared!" I shrugged my shoulders and felt the knot in the rope come loose. She was such a wimp oh my god. I seen a little light coming from the other side of the room. I seen a boy slowly walk in. He cradled down behind a crate. "y/n..I'm fucking serious." "So am I. I'm not scared. You should just let me go." She laughed. "Because I'm going to do that!" I sighed. "Amy...stop. You're trying to be something you aren't. I know that you really loved Niall but honestly he's not that great. There are other people out there that's better than him." The boy stood up and I could see his face perfectly. "WHAT IN THE HELL!" He shouted. "Niall!?" Amy and I screamed in unison. "I'm not that great? Excuse me! I buy you fucking everything and there's still better people in the world than me!? I thought you loved me!" "I do! I was trying to get her to fall out of love with you dumbass but you ruined it!" He started to say something but then stopped. "Oh." He said quietly. "SHIT!" He said punching Amy in the face. She fell to the ground as I stood up. The loose rope fell off and I grabbed Nialls hand. We started running away from her all the way to the police station. "Thank god you're okay." Niall whispered. "Thank god you found me. I'm sure that she was going to kill me." He shivered. "Don't even say that." He leaned down and kissed me passionately on the lips. "God I'm just really really happy you're still here. I would've missed these lips so much." I smiled and cuddled in his chest. "I love you Niall." He sighed and smiled. "I love you too."

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