Summer With Styles

Macey Calihan is a grown woman now, and when she comes in contact with an old box of keepsakes, she remembers a series of incidents that made her the woman she is today. As a youngster, she was struggling with past occurrences of suicide, self harm, and of course depression, all while trying to balance out the good and bad things of her life. She was so close to happiness when her adoptive parents informed her she and her brother, Carter, would be going to the U.K. to spend the summer at her father's recording studio. She then meets the boy -- or boys -- who save her life, only to pick it up and wreck it again in a new, exciting way. Macey falls head over heels for one, while another falls for her. The only thing standing in her way of happiness, is one decision. But as it turns out, some decisions make themselves whether you like it or not.


13. Where's Harry?


The next day I was informed my parents were having a birthday party for me at the studio, where I would be able to celebrate with friends and family. Great, a party? Why? There was no need. I wasn't a party girl. I didn't drink, I didn't hang around the party animals that stayed up until the break of dawn.

But yet I was going to be forced into it anyway.

El texted me, Dress shopping today? ;)

Uh, no. I texted back.

Come on, let me buy you a birthday dress as a gift xD

Ugh, I agreed just to get her to stop, and met her at the shops about an hour later.

“Hey gorgeous,” she said, embracing me when I approached her. “Where do you want to shop?”

“Forever 21 is fine.”

“Cool, we'll go to Burberry.”

“You can't afford Burberry!” I protested, but she assured me it was fine. Apparently Louis had given her some money that way the dress would be from 'both of them.'

I picked a dark purple, flowy dress that was form fitted around the breasts, and flowed down to the top of my knees in waves, fading to a lighter purple. It was so gorgeous and luxurious that I almost fainted when I tried it on. I was used to wearing expensive clothes with Joe being so successful, but not this beautiful.

“Thank you so much, El!” I said, hugging her after she paid for it.

“No problem, dear. Anything for you. So tell me...” we walked out of the store and got into a cab. “Have you told Harry?”

I rolled my eyes. “I was going to last night, but we were interrupted,” I scoffed. “Every time I go to tell him something comes up and we suddenly have to go somewhere or do something. It's so painful knowing I'm stuck in this position.”

“I don't want to pressure you,” she said. “But if it were me, Lou would understand. He wouldn't let it come between him and his career, and Harry won't either.”

“You don't know that, though! I don't know, maybe I'm just being selfish. I'm more scared that he's going to break up with me because of it.”

“Macey! He isn't going to break up with you just because you got yourselves into a jam. It doesn't work that way with Harry. He's going to be happy, I promise.”

We pulled up to my building about ten minutes later and went upstairs to show Lizzie my dress.

“I think it's beautiful hunny,” she said while giving me a kiss on the cheek. “I'm heading down to the studio with your father to set up decorations. The party's a six, so don't be late.”

“Decorations, mom, really?”

“Yes, really,” she replied. “It's your eighteenth birthday, and I want to make it memorable.”

“Oh believe me...” I started thinking of the amazing time I had last night. “It is.”

Danielle and Gemma came over after mom and Joe left, and we decided to get ready together. Gemma took two hours to do her hair and makeup because she wanted to 'impress' Carter.

“Like you haven't already,” Danielle said, rolling her eyes. “I know all about your little –”

“Dani!” Gemma interrupted. “Some things are personal!”

Ew. Gemma and my brother....why? WHY!?

Don't get me wrong, Carter was a good looking guy with his shaggy brown hair and eyes identical to mine...but he was my brother for crying out loud. “That's disgusting, Gemma. I don't need to know about my brother's sex life.”

All three of them giggled and I couldn't help but laugh a little too. “At least he's happy, though,” El said.

“Yeah,” I replied. “After the heartbreak with my best friend, he really needed you, Gemma.”

“Well, I wouldn't have it any other way, he's so sexy and – ”

“TOO FAR!” I laughed, throwing a tube of lipstick at her.

She shrugged and laughed a little, “I think it's just weird. I've had such a huge crush on Niall all this time and then Carter comes along. It's like Niall doesn't even exist anymore.”

“Niall!?” I asked, shocked that she didn't pursue him. “You liked Niall?”

“She was obsessed with Niall,” Danielle laughed. “But he's not much for relationships. He likes to keep to himself and what not.”

“Oh I see...well, I think we're all ready.”

We all stood in front of the mirror over my dresser. I looked so bad compared to them...Danielle with her perfect body and voluminous hair, El with her perfectly formed face and gorgeous fashion style, and Gemma whose body could rock anything she put on. Literally, the girl could wear granny clothes and still look hot.

I envied them.

“Let's go ladies!” someone yelled from the living room.

“I thought we were alone?” I said to them, and they all shrugged. We walked one by one out of my room to find all the boys – including Carter – waiting for us.

“DAYUUMMM,” Carter said, taking Gemma's hand and spinning her around. Harry had that protective look in his eyes like he gets, but I nudged him not to say anything. After all, Gemma was a grown and made her own choices.

I walked into the party with Harry hand-in-hand, astonished at the decorations I saw. They were all green and purple, and my cake was in the shape of a music note. I couldn't believe the effort that went into the party, but I was grateful.

“Can I drink tonight?” Harry asked with those puppy dog eyes he knew I couldn't say no to.

“Only if you promise me you won't drive...or do anything stupid.”

“I promise,” he said, giving me a kiss and running over to the bar. People started flooding into the studio – some I knew from past visits, and some I had yet to meet. They all smiled and hugged me, telling me Happy Birthday and that kind of usual thing. But I was a goner. I was so lost in my thoughts about telling Harry than actually having fun at my own party.

Everyone danced and the guys sang – very badly might I add considering they were a little buzzed. But it seemed like everyone was having a great time. Lizzie and Joe made a toast to me 'becoming an adult' and gushed about how I grew up so fast. Gemma and Carter left the party to go back to her place I assume.

“Why are you sitting by yourself?” Lizzie asked as she came up to me sitting on one of the couches. “Don't you like your party so far?”

“I love it, it's just...”

“Aw, hunny.” She took me in her arms and I dug my face into her neck, letting a few tears fall.

“How am I supposed to do this?” I sobbed, grasping onto her arm for dear life. “Mom, I need you. I can't do this by myself, please.”

That was the first time Lizzie and I had a moment like that, and it was quite special for lack of a better term. “I'm here,” she whispered, rubbing the back of my head and rocking gently.

“Oi! What wrong wit her?” A drunken Harry said, stumbling over to us. He was definitely wasted, seeing as how he couldn't even completely pronounce his words.

“It's okay, Harry, I'm fine,” I said, raising up from Lizzie's neck, wiping my tears away.

“Mackenz, tell Harry what wrong,” he said, collapsing on the couch next to me and taking me in his arms. His breath stunk of liquor and appetizers and I couldn't take the was coming, and fast. I barfed all over his pants.

“MACEY!” My mom yelled, holding my hair while I got sick.

“I'm sorry I...couldn't...take the...smell...of....”

Harry stumbled away to the bathroom to wash up, and I noticed some girl go in after him. I didn't think much of it, she was probably just helping him. “Who went in there with Harry?” I asked when I felt better.

“It looked like Eleanor,” Lizzie replied, stroking my hair. “You okay?”

“Better,” I mumbled, resting my head on her shoulder. I couldn't take the smell...maybe it was just a hormone thing? I didn't know.

Minutes and minutes passed and I felt loads better, and danced with Zayn, who surprisingly didn't drink the entire night. “Harry wouldn't approve of this,” he said, placing his hands gently on my waist.

“He's drunk,” I laughed, putting mine on his shoulders. “He won't remember a thing tomorrow.”

“Where is he anyway?”

“He went to the bathroom like an hour ago and hasn't came out. Maybe I should go check on him.”

“Yeah, I'll come with you.”

We walked over there together and Zayn peaked into the men's restroom. “He's not in there,” he said, turning back to me. I was confused...I know I saw him go in there. We searched the entire studio looking for him, but there was no trace of him anywhere. Everyone we asked said they hadn't seen him, and I'm not gonna kind of worried me that he wasn't there.



So where was he?




I pull the purple dress from my keepsake box, remembering the smell of alcohol and how it gets to me. To this day, I still never take a sip...why? Because it reminds me that not only can drinking lead to fatal can make you forget that you love someone.

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