Summer With Styles

Macey Calihan is a grown woman now, and when she comes in contact with an old box of keepsakes, she remembers a series of incidents that made her the woman she is today. As a youngster, she was struggling with past occurrences of suicide, self harm, and of course depression, all while trying to balance out the good and bad things of her life. She was so close to happiness when her adoptive parents informed her she and her brother, Carter, would be going to the U.K. to spend the summer at her father's recording studio. She then meets the boy -- or boys -- who save her life, only to pick it up and wreck it again in a new, exciting way. Macey falls head over heels for one, while another falls for her. The only thing standing in her way of happiness, is one decision. But as it turns out, some decisions make themselves whether you like it or not.


12. The Date


I put on a little black halter dress with sequins around the cleavage t, looking in the mirror at myself. The dress was fitted and fell mid-thigh, reveal a few self-harm scars in the process. My figure was pretty proportionate, but I hated that I was all skin and bones. My legs were kind of toned from all the runs I used to go on with Lizzie, but other than that I had no muscle.

What made him fall for me in the first place?

I pressed the call button and asked for Lydia like he said to, and a few minutes later a woman came in with a suitcase. “Sit,” she said, pulling the chair from the nearby desk. “We have one hour to get you ready.”

“What?” I asked with a laugh, taking the seat. She just shushed me and started putting my hair up in curlers.

“Your hair is ridiculously long. Have you ever thought about cutting it?”

“No, absolutely not.”

“Good, don't you dare ever cut hair this beautiful.”

“Uhm, thanks?” I said unsure. She finished the curlers and started dousing my face with foundation and powers. Finally she started working around my eyes, applying eye shadow, liner, and mascara. I had always been kind of girly, so I did like makeup. But, I'd never used so much in my life.

Finally, after a half hour of doing my makeup, she took my hair down and teased the crown of my head. She left one curl lose on the left side of my face while twisting the rest to the right side. My bangs fell softly to the right as well, and she finished off with a ton of hairspray.

I turned, looking into the mirror, and gasped for my breath.

That girl in the mirror was not Macey Calihan.

“Oh my god,” I whispered to myself. “I look...”

“Beautiful,” said Lydia. “You look incredible.”

I smiled into the mirror and slipped on the earrings Harry had got me, along with his class ring and the emerald bracelet of his grandmother's. This night was going to be wonderful, I just knew it.

I met him on the sky deck not a moment too late, and noticed he was accompanied by a butler. Standing behind him was a candlelit dinner table with two chairs side by side. “Macey!” He gasped when he saw me. “You look exquisite.”

“Thank you,” I said with a grin. He took my hand and helped me into my chair by pulling it out and pushing me in. He took his seat and signaled the waiter. The song, “I Do” by 98 Degrees came on and I was amazed. “I love this song!”

“I know,” he said. “Your mom told me that you used to dance to it when you were little.”

“It's one of the few songs I actually listened to,” I chuckled. “Can I ask you something?”


“Why me?”

He looked at me, puzzled for a moment. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” I began, choosing my words carefully. “You're this big famous, gorgeous, rich, incredible guy that could have any girl in the world. Why me?”

He smiled crookedly, revealing both of his cute little dimples. “Because you're normal. You've struggled so much in your life and you've made it through. You have a big heart that I've never seen in anyone before. You rarely love, but when you do, you give it all you have. I needed that in my life. I needed someone to love me as much as you do.”

“I feel the exact same way.”

As much as I do...that's it. There's my cue. There's my sign. It's time to tell him.

“Harry, I'm – ”

Beep, beep, beep

“It's your mom,” he said, picking up his phone. WHYYYYYYY!? “She wants you home to celebrate.”

“But we've just started eating.”

“Macey, they're your family. They want to spend time with you on your birthday.”

I put my head down in frustration, cursing at my parents for being so needy. I was so close to telling him, but was interrupted just like earlier that morning. Would I ever get to tell him?

Little did I know, I wouldn't.






Looking back on the girl I was there on the yacht, I know I'm much stronger than I was then. I was so scared of being loved and lost that I couldn't tell my own boyfriend about our situation. But what I didn't know was that a tragedy was about to, two tragedies, and they would nearly kill me.




Author's Note:  I'm sorry this chapter was so short, I'm having kind of a writer's block lol. I know what I want to happen, but I'm just having a hard time stretching it out and putting it into words. But anyway, a tragedy is about to happen, and the ending will be something you will NEVER expect ;)

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