Summer With Styles

Macey Calihan is a grown woman now, and when she comes in contact with an old box of keepsakes, she remembers a series of incidents that made her the woman she is today. As a youngster, she was struggling with past occurrences of suicide, self harm, and of course depression, all while trying to balance out the good and bad things of her life. She was so close to happiness when her adoptive parents informed her she and her brother, Carter, would be going to the U.K. to spend the summer at her father's recording studio. She then meets the boy -- or boys -- who save her life, only to pick it up and wreck it again in a new, exciting way. Macey falls head over heels for one, while another falls for her. The only thing standing in her way of happiness, is one decision. But as it turns out, some decisions make themselves whether you like it or not.


11. Birthday Girl


The next couple of weeks were hard. I was sick literally all the time and I still hadn't told Harry yet. We got in a huge argument and I wasn't speaking to him at the moment, all over some jerk on the news saying I was spotted with some guy in Paris. Funny, because I was Harry the entire time, and never even left his sight. But no, according to him, I was with some French guy.

Maybe he was just stressed. Yeah, that had to be it.

“You guys still fighting?” Gemma asked at dinner. We were all out at a fancy restaurant, and even though Harry and I sat side by side, we didn't even acknowledge each other. It had been that way for a whole week.

“I don't know,” I replied and turned to Harry. “Are we? Are we still fighting over something stupid?”

“Does it look like we're fighting? No, we're not, but keep talking and we'll see who throws the first punch.” Harry said sarcastically in anger. I got upset at his tone. I didn't mean to but it was a reflex and I choked. He almost instantly lightened up and said, “Sorry, I took it too far.”

“Whatever,” I murmured, trying to keep a tear from sliding down my face. I felt Zayn's hand pat me on the back, comforting me. To most people, Harry probably looked like a douche bag. But to me, he was just mad and we would be back to normal in a few days.

But I was wrong.

He kept shying further and further away from me, ignoring my calls and texts. I didn't want to be the obsessive girlfriend, so I just stopped trying to talk to him. If we were gonna work things out, he would have to come to me.

In the meantime, I hung out with Niall.

“It's almost the end of August,” he said, reminding me that it was almost time to go home. “When will you guys be leaving?”

“September 10th,” I said with a frown. “I'm not looking forward to it.”

“We'll miss you,” he replied. “Harry will miss you.”

“By the looks of it I think he already wants me gone.”

Niall shook his head in frustration. “Don't ever say that. He loves you more than anything. The media always gets to him, whether it's true or not. But on the bright side, him and Zayn are cool again.” We got our ice creams from a stand and started walking down the street. “But there's still tension.”

“Naturally, do you blame them?”

“Actually I do,” he said, licking his popscicle. “They're being immature. That's usually my job, but now I have to be all grown up and tell them to suck it up.”

I laughed a little and thought he was just trying to be funny. “I just don't get why he's so upset about the Paris thing. I was with you guys the whole time.”

“I know, that's what makes it so ridiculous. He just needs space I guess.”

“Does he usually act this way after he's been with someone for a while?”

“No,” he said simply. “Used to when he had a girlfriend, he didn't care what she did, or why.” We turned down my street, heading back to my condo. As we turned, I noticed paparazzi following us, but I just let them get their shots. “But with you, he's different. He said he feels the need to protect you at whatever cost. I've never seen him so caught up over someone.”

“I'm a lucky girl then,” I laughed.

“Also...” his eyes turned darker as he stopped on the sidewalk. “I've never seen Zayn so heartbroken either.”

Great, here we go. Just stay cool Macey and forget Zayn. He's important to you, but you love Harry. Remember that...whatever you do.

“I can't help that,” I replied, swallowing all the words I really wanted to say.

“I just thought you should know.”

“It doesn't matter,” I said as we began walking again. “After we go back to the states, I won't be coming back and they'll both forget I ever existed.”

“WHAT!?” He shouted. “Why!?”

“I can't tell you.”

“Macey, we're practically best friends here. You can trust me.”

It would've been nice to actually tell someone, so I pulled Niall to the side away from the paparazzi and people. I lowered my voice to a whisper and told him my situation and how if Harry were to find out, it would destroy his career.

“But you can't just leave,” he said, clearly upset for Harry and I. “If you two break up, I'll lose faith in relationships forever. Love is the glue that holds you and Harry together, not his career. The only thing you can do is look at the beauty of it.”

“If I go through with this, Harry will have to come to the states, therefore taking him from his work. Please, tell me how that's avoidable.”

“You could live here.”

“That won't happen,” I stated. “Besides, think about the fans. If they knew, they'd go crazy.”

“They'd be happy for him, trust me. Our fans love our girlfriends, and they're really supportive. My advice to you is just to tell him and see what happens.”

Yeah, I wasn't about to just 'see what happens' and take the chance of him telling me to hit the road. What if he wanted me to get, just, no. I couldn't do it. It was a better idea to just leave and forget the whole summer ever happened.

That would kill me to leave Harry like that, even though he did say he would come with me when I left. But my birthday was a couple of days away, and unless I could convince myself to tell him, I was leaving that night.





“GET UP! GET UP GET UP!!!!” someone's voice yelled, jumping on my bed. Who was that, anyway? It sounded almost like...

“Mmmm leave me alone, Niall,” I groaned. I looked at my phone and saw that I had slept until 4:00 pm. I sighed, throwing the pillow over my head.

“AYE BIRTHDAY GIRL!” someone else yelled. Louis?

My bed started moving and I freaked out, taking the pillow off my face and seeing all five of them trying to flip me off my mattress. “Stop stop stop! I'm up, I'm up!” They all laughed and high fived each other. Then Liam handed Harry a fifty dollar bill.

“Told you that would get her up,” Harry said with a snarky grin. “Happy birthday, babe,” he said, leaning over the bed to kiss me.

“YUCK! GET A ROOM!” Louis said from over by my dresser, throwing a bottle of body mist at them. The bottle exploded on the floor and the room was filled with vanilla lavender scent in a matter of seconds.

“Lou!” Liam said, cleaning up the spill. “You better pay her for this!”

“Don't worry about it,” I laughed as I bent down to help Liam. “But can you all please go, I'd like to change.”

“You mean we can't watch?” Louis said, pretending to be disappointed. Liam rushed them out the door, leaving Harry and I to ourselves.

“I'm surprised to see you here,” I said instinctively.

“I couldn't miss your birthday,” he said with a grin. “Plus Niall talked to me.”

I froze on the spot, my eyes got wide, and my heart was literally beating out of my chest. “Oh?” I tried to sound as oblivious as possible but I couldn't help but worry he had told him.

“He told me how upset your were about me being mad at you.” I breathed a sigh of relief that luckily he didn't notice. “I realized I was being stupid.”

I took off my clothes and threw on some clean ones, feeling awkward as he stared at my body the entire time. “Stop!” I giggled, pushing his face away. He brought it back but kissed me this time.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said as he pulled away.

“No more surprises!” I ordered him. “You've done enough for me babe.”

“But I want to do more. I like buying you nice things and taking you out and showing you off. Cause when I see you smile, it makes me smile.” I smiled, and he smiled back. Then I frowned, and he frowned back. Then I smiled again and he returned it and we both cracked up laughing. “See! Your emotions are my emotions. Your heart is my heart, and your love is my love.”

“That's so cheesy,” I said with a peck on his lips.

“But it's true. Now go.”

He pushed me into the living room area, where Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis all blindfolded me. “What is going on, why are – ”

“SHH!” One of them shushed.

I felt myself being picked up and taken outside. Then I was inside a car, moving down the road. About what seemed like forever, we stopped and I was lifted up again. “You guys are gonna pay for this,” I mumbled into the ear of whoever was carrying me. I reached up and felt of their hair, and it felt like it was sticking up a bit. “Zayn?” I whispered.

“Hmm?” the voice said back.

“I'm sorry...” I said. I didn't even know if any of the other guys were around, but I had to apologize in some way.

“Don't be.”

I was then put down and the blind fold was taken off of me. We were in a circular, blue room with a heavy spotlight shining in the middle. There was a very large box with the word “forever” written on it. I looked around at the guys, noticing Harry was no where in the mix.

They told me to go to it, and I did. I lifted the lid and found the most beautiful antique painting brushes I'd ever seen in my entire life. There was over fifty brushes all piled in this box, and on top of them was a note. I opened it and read...


This is number one, but it's not over yet

Your next present will be one you won't forget

In this box you found brushes, but I promise you this:

You'll find your next present where we had our first kiss.


I giggled slightly and showed the boys the note. They blindfolded me once again and we took off to the aquarium. When we got there, they took it off, but it didn't look like the aquarium at all. It looked almost as if we an empty tank?

There wasn't a box, but there was something laying in the center. I picked it up and it was an envelope. I opened it to find two tickets to a Vivaldi Musical Convention, something I had always wanted to go to but could never find tickets. A note was attached to it as well.



This is number two, in the place we first kissed

Now travel to the water to find your last gift


The boat. That water. I knew where we were going. We drove, I was carried, then I was placed in a chair, moving again. Someone was sitting beside me but I had no idea who it was until finally they said, “please remove your blindfold Ms. Calihan.”

I opened my eyes to see that I was on a boat. Not a wooden rowboat like Harry and took me on, but a white yacht, out in the middle of the water. On the table in front of me was a pair of diamond earrings, and a note attached.


You've found your last gift while cruising on the sea

But it's not over yet, now it's time to find me


This had to be some kind of scavenger hunt. I left my presents on the deck and looked all over the boat in every room I could possibly find, but he wasn't in any of them. After about twenty minutes of looking I decided to just call him. I walked down the hall and dialed his number one my phone. Suddenly I heard his ringtone in the very last room, the only one I didn't check.

I opened the door to find him sitting on the bed with a smile on his face. “Hey,” he said with a smile. I didn't even reply to the fact that I jumped into his arms so fast. “Whoah, easy!” He laughed.

“Harry Edward Styles!” I yelled in a playful tone. “How in the world?”

“I take it you liked your presents?”

“Liked them? No, I LOVED them! How did you know about the Vivaldi Convention?”

“Lizzie told my mom,” he said with a cheeky green before kissing me.

I pulled away and asked, “What's with the boat though?”

“Well, look in the closet and pick out something to wear. When you're done, press the call button by the door and ask for Lydia. Then meet me up top at eight o'clock.





I pull each of my gifts Harry bought me as an eighteen year old girl, from my big keepsake box that has the word “forever” incrusted in it. The notes are here too and I take them out, rereading each one. It all reminds me of birthdays and how Harry just LOVED to buy things for me. I laugh, remembering the look he gave me when I saw him on the yacht. He bought my heart, not with money or presents, but with his love. Unfortunately, sometimes when you throw that purchased heart in the dirt, you can't buy it back.

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