The hunger games again 2024

Blurb: Millie is just an average 12 year old girl in distrect 5. She has to go to the hunger games against the person who killed her mother , the mocking bird, who moved to this distrect and only one can survive.


1. me

Hi I am Millie a 12 year old girl. I live in disctrect 5. Their are 12 different disctrects and every 12 years we have the hunger games. Two people from each discret a girl between the age 12 to 100  and the boys in the same age group. This year I was chosen to take part in it. My dad promised I wouldn't ever have to do it but you can't take yourself out of the games. When my mum was alive she was a hunger game champion. She had won 3 times. She was the only champion and person to win from disctrect ever in the hunger games or in any games.  Two years ago on a cold stormy night she was killed by the fire mocking bird. It lives in disctrect 12 at owl tree. I loved her and she was the best mother ever.

Since I was 2 I had been training with my mum and dad in case one day I was chosen for the games. I would learn about the balances of fire water and ice. I learnt proper fighting skills. I learnt about how you use a sword and kill your aponment and how   you can put your elements on the sword.

I go to school from 8-4 were we learn about the disctrects. We mainly learn about our home disctrect. We learn about how the hunger games started and who started them. We learn about how the distrects were created.

One thing I know is the hunger games are bad as 1 person from each distrect gets killed. The battle can't end till one person is dead. My mum was killed cause of her strike of winning so someone new could take over. I saw her the day she died. She was happy and ready to fight in the next two years. She took me shopping at the market place. She was taking me to help me learning my sword fighting skills.

A few hours later we were in the market shopping.We were walking around the market when the mocking bird was coming. She told me to hide in the bushes because she would handle every thing. I saw every thing from the bush. My mum got out a fire sword but by then it was to late. The mocking bird had shot a gun and the bullet landed in her heart. I left the market on my own not telling any one about what I saw. I haven't even told my dad.

I still don't know who I am up against at the minute but I will find out very soon.

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