Snow white

My name is snow white and 16 years old, one day my step-mother gona send me to a boarding school in London.I meet a sweet blond boy and everything changes.
If u wanna know more so stay tuned.......


4. Snow White

will you dance whit me ask Niall and look in hes beautiful eyes. I nod and we all begin to dance and do what the teacher says.Why are you here you are a singer I ask him.My step-mother say it will do good for me to be here and she think I'm to much of a star she want me to be my self not a star all the time he sad.Tell me something i don't know I sad,what about you.My stupid step-mother say i must go here.You may know what i talk about I sad and he smile to me. After dance class we go to the food hall for eating lunch.I sit with Miriam and Julia.After lunch  would all the new girls meet up in the gym hall. all who would join geeklychic that would meet there. Lisa was the leader in the club. She was the most popular girl in school,club has excited a long time. Since 1990 to 2012,my mom has been going to this school too, she has been a member of the club.So I follow her footsteps and do what I can to join the club,after lunch me and Julia go to the gym hall and meet the other girls,we are being well received by members of the club. Lisa invite us to a member party only members of the club and the new girls are welcome.And be careful don't let the teachers see you.We are all excited.Me and Julia are going to my room to find what i can have on to the party tonight.Then we go to Julia's room and do the same. After that we are going to English class.We are learning about english history,after the class we have more classes to go to. Then it was dinner time, today's menu is fish not looking good,but we had to eat it up.

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