Snow white

My name is snow white and 16 years old, one day my step-mother gona send me to a boarding school in London.I meet a sweet blond boy and everything changes.
If u wanna know more so stay tuned.......


3. Snow White

We sit and talk about everything and nothing,teachers and the principal is not so kind, just the first day after the holiday, but then everything is back to normal.Who are the girls I ask and pointing away at the table they are sitting at,-they are the most annoying popular girls in this school ever.You must not be friends whit them,she sad and the girl comes over to us, certainly the boss in the popular girl group.Hi i am Lisa and you must be Snow Whit she sad and smiles a little evil to me. Yes i am Snow I sad and i am not smiling to her. Then she go,Lisa it's not a bad girl i sad. Then you don't know her well to know that she is nice to every new students here the first day she sad. when the time is 8:00 p.m. come a teacher in and greets us with new students and says that it's bedtime she also reminds us that it should be quiet at 21:00 she says everything with a slightly stern voice and everyone goes to their rooms.Me and Miriam are lying and talked for a while but we suddenly laughing. then we heard someone knock on the door and a little angry voice says we have to be quiet, we stop laughing right away and sleep. The next day we wake of sleigh bells in the hallway and i look at the time,the time is 06:00 in the morning. Why are we so early in weight, I ask Miriam when we dressed us,we will be having gym before the day has started she sad and we go to the gym.A man standing in front of us all and he say the we must run around the school. The school is big so it take time to get around the school. We start to run,then a boy run beside of me .Hi i am Niall he sad when we are running around the school,my heart starts to beating faster and faster. Because I'm running whit the star Niall, I'm love your band's music, it was all I had to say before the teacher came in and said we have to be quiet. We run the last few meters around the school.Then we are going to take a shower the girl going in to the girls bathroom. After then we going to the food hall to eat breakfast, i sit whit Miriam and the new girl Julia.We sit and talk about everything. Then I see Niall sitting whit Lisa. Why is he sit with her,i ask Miriam, they are together. Seriously i sad surprised,the was together before Niall begin here say Miriam. After breakfast my group have dance class,hi I'm Sara, most of you know me but we have a new student in class, you probably know, today we repeat the ballroom  dance and teaching the new girl what we can. Go in pairs and we gonna learn how to dance go in pairs she sad and Niall come to me.He is in the same group as me.

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