Snow white

My name is snow white and 16 years old, one day my step-mother gona send me to a boarding school in London.I meet a sweet blond boy and everything changes.
If u wanna know more so stay tuned.......


2. Snow White

It takes an hour to the airport so me and dad had to go, dad gonna drive me to the airport.I check in luggage and go through security. It is 30 minutes to take off,so i have time to go in to tax-free and buy candy to the flight. A lady says to the speakers that it is ready for take off,so I go to the entrance and i check in my ticket and go on board. I find my seat whit the window and sit down.I take the headphones and listen to the song taken from One Direction,one off my favorite songs. After 2 hours we are promoting,I go into the arrival hall and get my suitcase so I go out and take a taxi to boarding school.When I have arrived, I meet the school principal.She tells me the rules of the school,

The rules:

1.No boys in the room

2.Bedtime at 20:00

3.Breakfast at 08.00

4.No running in the hallways

5.It is not allowed with phones

6.Dinner at 18:00

7.Silent after at 21:00

8.Not allowed to kiss

9.Not allowed to forget things for class

10.Shopping at 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m on Fridays

11.Lunch at 12:00

12.Free-time at 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

13.Not allowed to be outside the campus

I get a paper whit the rules on, then she shows me the room  I will sleep on.And I will share a room with Miriam,there are school meeting about 10 minutes she said to me and Miriam before she goes.Hi i'm Snow White i sad and smile.Nice to meet you i am Miriam she sad,then we go to the gym hall for meeting. All gathered and sat down on the floor.Rector goes to the microphone and standing in front us.Welcome to a new year, this year we have three new students here say she shouts out the names. Snow White,Luckas Allen and Julie Evans come here she sad and we walk to her.We present ourselves and we go back to our seats.She will split into groups and give us a timetable each,after the meeting, we go back to our rooms today we get free-time.Miriam show me the school.When the time is 6:00 p.m. we are going to dining hall for eating dinner.To dinner we have fish,I see a famous boy, it can't be Niall from One Direction I think, and I ask Miriam.Miriam say that the boy is him i think is was and that he starts here last year.I give miriam a big smile.So cool that Niall go here.

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