Snow white

My name is snow white and 16 years old, one day my step-mother gona send me to a boarding school in London.I meet a sweet blond boy and everything changes.
If u wanna know more so stay tuned.......


1. Snow White

my name is Snow White and i am 16 i live whit my dad and my step-mother in Norway. Now I pack my things for tomorrow at 12:00 I fly to London to go to boarding school not exactly something I want.But my step-mother want me to go,she said that it might be good for me to go to boarding school.My step-mother comes into my room and asks if i finish packing. I nod and take the suitcase and put it ready in the hall. Then I go into the kitchen and sit down to eat dinner. After i eaten I go into the bathroom and get ready to go out with my two best friends. Last day before I go to London.I'll wear a pink top with leopard pattern and a cool ripped jeans and black pumps. Then i go to meet them in town, Time was 6:00 p.m. when I walked out the door. My step-mother think i was to mutch out on parties.So she have right to send me to boarding school. But she had no right to do that because she is not my real mother. I go in to a club/bar called teenwings a club/bar for teenagers to hang out , dance,talk and just have a fun time all night.This is where I will meet Julia and Susann,they hadn't come so I sat down at a table and wait for them. After a few minutes they came,we sat down and talk.Then a boy came and asked if I would dance,i looked at my friends thay smile and give me a sign that I should go to dance. Yes i would dance i sad and go to the dance floor. After a while he asked if I and my friends would sit with him and his friends. Yes we will i sad and I go to Julia and Susann and says we should sit with him and his friends. Then we go over to the boys ,we greet them and sit down.We had a good time,the boy name was Luckas. Then the time was 21:00. we have to go say I  and we get up. Can i have your number ask Luckas and smile the sweetest smile. Yes u can have it say i and i take his mobile and write my number in.Then we go home.When i get home my dad ask if i had a good time.I sad i had a good time and i go in to my room to go to bad. The next day I wake up by the alarm clock, Time 10:00 I go into the bathroom and take care of me.After that i go in to the kitchen to eat breakfast,I did not want to leave, but I had to, just because my stepmother had said that it was the best for me.

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