More than Friends? ( Completed-1D FanFic)

Misty is an 18 year old girl. She has a lot coming her way, she has the money, the friends and the boys but none of that is enough for her. She can't seem to find anyone who she can let all her secrets out to but then she meets Louis. Louis is part of the most famous boy band - One Direction. Louis is kind, caring and trusting but she thinks that all Louis wants is to be friends.
Louis is a 21 year old boy. He is part of the multi- award winning boy band- One Direction. He loves everything to do with it, the songs, the tours, the girls but none of that is what he wants. He wants a girl who understands him and who he can love and then he meets Misty. She is beautiful, kind, sweet and everything he wants but he thinks that all Misty wants is to be friends.


7. What had I done?

Louis POV

I was so annoyed! Why did Marvin have to be such a dick. But I was most worried about Misty. She must have been so overwhelmed and probably wishing that she hadn't met such a guy like me and had come to this shoot. What annoyed me most was that I knew the music video would be more than just being a couple. It was nearly christmas and the song we were releasing had things to do with mistletoe. If they kissed... I didn't even want to think about it. Even though I knew the likely hood of Misty liking me at all after this and even beforehand when everything was going so well I doubted that she would ever want to go out with me. Marvin came into the room. "Well, they seem to be getting along well," It was the second time Marvin had gone in their to check and everytime he came back he seemed happier. It was now time to be setting up where we would be standing etc. Frankly, I couldn't care less about the whole video, it was just Misty.

Misty's POV

It was now show time as Marvin had said. I was dreading every minute I would have to participate in this video. Maybe I could just be really bad at it and they would have to get another girl. But then they would all hate me for wasting their time. What was I going to do. I then saw Louis. For some reason he looked solemn. I also noticed he looked sad, almost distraught. I decided to go up to him so I gathered my thoughts and started walking over but I was stopped by the same, familiar hand grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the set. Marvin, of course. God, I hated him. He was such a dick. He placed me on a bench, told me to look as if I was waiting for someone and just sit there. Great, well this was fun.


It was nearly the end of the shooting and we were half way through. Nothing had really happened between me and Harry in the video, all we had to do was to walk together through the park and pretend to be all loved up at christmas. I felt so miserable when it ended, I just wanted to go home.

Louis POV

It was the end of the shooting and also the end of any relationship between Misty and I. I looked at her. She looked beautiful and tired. I just wanted to go up to her and say I'm sorry. I wanted to hug her and kiss her so much that it hurt. Misty was getting changed in another room and I sat down on the sofa. Harry came up to me. "Hey, how you doing?" he asked. "Great, couldn't be better, except that maybe you're going to kiss the girl who I really like?!" I replied. I know I shouldn't have been so harsh because it wasn't his fault but I couldn't contain myself and I had to let it out. He looked startled and said,"look, its not my fault that Marvin decided to select Misty for the part. And it's also not my fault that Marvin wouldn't budge his decision." I knew he was right but it was so annoying and true. "Well, now I know Misty doesn't want any sort of relationship with me so you can have her as much as you like," I said and walked away. I could sense that Harry was hurt but I had seen them talking, they had got on really well. Almost too well. And I knew Harry, once he gets a girl talking like that he likes her and I didn't want to be part of a love triangle.

Misty's POV

I came out of my room and I saw Louis talking to Harry. I really wanted to talk to Louis. I wanted to know if he felt the same way I felt about him but I had seen him throughout the day and he wasn't happy. He looked so sad. I just wanted to go up to him and say I'm sorry that I didn't protest to do this. I wanted to hug him and kiss him so much that it hurt. But what was I thinking he wouldn't want to go out with me. He had loads of celebrity girl friends and most of them were bound to be much prettier than me. I realised that Louis was having an arguement. Louis had got up and said something to Harry. Now he had walked off. What had happened. Harry got up and saw me. What had happened? Harry glared at me and walked off into a room. I followed Louis into a room. He had collapsed into a swivel chair. "Hi, can I come in?" I asked. He turned round and looked at me. I felt like crying at his face. I knew instantly that they were argueing over me. "Yeah, ok." "Are you ok?" I asked. He shrugged. I didn't know what to say. I was going to ask him something to try and break the awkwardness but he interrupted," Look, if you are upset about something just go to Harry, you two seem to be getting on well." I felt tears stream down my face as he said it. He said it so harshly, what was he talking about. I didn't like Harry. I mean, he was a nice person but not like a boyfriend, not like Louis. I had heard enough. I ran out the room, as I left I heard Louis shout my name but right now all I wanted was to go home.

Louis POV

What had I done. I called after her. I got up and ran out the room. I couldn't see her anywhere, all I could see were the boys. They were all looking at me in disgust. "Nice move bro, maybe you were right about you guys. You're not right," said Harry and walked out the room. Niall shook his head and Liam just walked out. Zayn stayed but shook his head. I walked into my room. I held my head in my hands. What had I done?

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