More than Friends? ( Completed-1D FanFic)

Misty is an 18 year old girl. She has a lot coming her way, she has the money, the friends and the boys but none of that is enough for her. She can't seem to find anyone who she can let all her secrets out to but then she meets Louis. Louis is part of the most famous boy band - One Direction. Louis is kind, caring and trusting but she thinks that all Louis wants is to be friends.
Louis is a 21 year old boy. He is part of the multi- award winning boy band- One Direction. He loves everything to do with it, the songs, the tours, the girls but none of that is what he wants. He wants a girl who understands him and who he can love and then he meets Misty. She is beautiful, kind, sweet and everything he wants but he thinks that all Misty wants is to be friends.


2. The Real Louis

Louis POV

She was a life saver. Like me, this beautiful girl had realised what was going to happen. She had stopped it and just acted like i was normal, which I have to say was really nice. One of the girls looked at her phone and said," oh sorry, Nickie we have to go and meet some people at costa." There was silence for a while and then the same girl said," Urgently." The other girl, who I assumed to be Nickie nodded and looked at the gorgeous girl standing next to me. There was some sort of face reading which I couldnt understand but the girl next to me looked worried and even though I didnt even know her name I wanted to comfort her, do whatever I could. One of the two other girls said," Misty we will meet you in costa later, ok?" The girl didnt even wait for an answer but took 'Nickie' by the arm and walked away. So Misty was her name, it was... lovely.

Misty's POV

Great, as much as I loved Holly and Nickie, leaving me with a total stranger (who i sortof knew) wasnt the best idea in the world. I could feel Louis looking at me. I looked up. "Misty, right? Thats your name?" he asked. "Yeah," I replied shyly,"So what are you doing on a day like this behind some trees. Isn't Harry over there with that bunch of screaming girls?" I asked to try and make the situation less awkward. "Well, long story really. Basically Harry 'took me out' but I didnt feel like being molested by screaming girl so," I laughed and he did to. "I found a way out and tried to hide myself with... well this tissue." I laughed again. "Yeah, nice disguise. I can totally see you as a MI5 spy when you have stopped the music business." I replied smiling and laughing. "Well, you know, I have dreamt of being a spy my whole life, getting ready for it you know." I smiled as well as him. It was perfect. Somehow my melow day was running away and Louis was making it such a lovely day.

Louis POV

Misty was so nice to talk to. Her laugh was special and lovely. I wouldn't have minded to listen to it all day. This boring day was turning into a great day and that was all because of Misty. We found ourselves walking along the path aimlessly. The trees were covering us and I just felt normal. Not the big Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Just louis with Misty. "So," she said,"apart from being an MI5 spy and a musician what would you like to be?" she asked. Her blue eyes sparkling from the ray sunshine peeping through a crack in the trees. "Umm... I never really thought about i guess but maybe... a comedian," I answered. Her blue eyes seemed to question me and she replied," cool, so you might need some practice. Whats your best joke?" I had to think. I wanted to sound cool but not the bad boy, just nice and friendly but also a good comedian. I guess I had never felt this way about a girl, even though I had just met her, I liked her but more than a friend. "Ok... What comes after Part B?" I asked. "I dont know," she replied. "Partaaayy," i laughed. She did too. Her bright blue eyes lighting up with laughter. "I've got another one," I said," what comes after Mist B?" I asked again. I didnt wait for an answer," Mistaayyy." She laughed so hard, she made me laugh. Soon we were just a bundle on the floor in fits of laughter. I really liked her but why would she want to date a guy who would be exposing her to the world of media and what a life, like that, can be like?

Misty's POV

Oh my gosh. I had never had this much fun. He was so easy to talk to. Why couldnt he just fall in love with me. But i knew that wasnt going to happen, whatever happened i wanted to stay his friend and I hoped he wanted it to. We were just lying on the floor in fits of giggles. I hadn't realised how intimate the situation was. I was literally like cuddling up to him. Ok, so that wasn't the worst situation to be in... in fact it was quite nice. He was so warm and so... cuddly. I was oblivious to the whole outside world, it was just me and him, lying here...

Oh my gosh... i loved him. No, this was too soon, he was to famous and he... would never... never want to go out with a girl like me. What was I doing. He probably wasnt even going to ask for my phone number or to see me again. It was just this moment and nothing else...

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