More than Friends? ( Completed-1D FanFic)

Misty is an 18 year old girl. She has a lot coming her way, she has the money, the friends and the boys but none of that is enough for her. She can't seem to find anyone who she can let all her secrets out to but then she meets Louis. Louis is part of the most famous boy band - One Direction. Louis is kind, caring and trusting but she thinks that all Louis wants is to be friends.
Louis is a 21 year old boy. He is part of the multi- award winning boy band- One Direction. He loves everything to do with it, the songs, the tours, the girls but none of that is what he wants. He wants a girl who understands him and who he can love and then he meets Misty. She is beautiful, kind, sweet and everything he wants but he thinks that all Misty wants is to be friends.


13. Tears & Tantrums

Louis POV

I arrived at her house. I had driven much faster than normal. What was wrong with Misty? I jumped out the car and run to the front door. As soon as I pressed the door bell Misty came out, a bag packed and tears streaming down her face. "Misty..." I said and hugged her tightly. "Let's go," she said trying to fight away the tears. I helped her into the car as she was quite weak and I kissed her on the forehead, then climbed in myself and started driving. It was silent at first apart from the few sniffles from Misty. "Misty, you don't have to tell me but if it will make you feel better I will be here for you no matter if I know what it is or not." Misty hugged me and said in a wispy voice," thanks Louis, you're all I could have ever hoped for." I kissed her again on the forehead. She released me and I stroked her arm gently. 15 minutes later, we arrived at the house and I helped her out the car. "Do you want to crash in my room?" I asked. She nodded and I kissed her gently on the cheek, put my arm around her and led her into the house. Luckily, it was only Liam in the sitting room. "Hey- oh, Misty, are you ok?" he asked rushing up to us. She just nodded her head. 

Misty's POV

I nodded my head, I didn't feel like talking right now. Louis led me upstairs and into his room. His room smelt nice, like him. I sat down on his bed and he sat down next to me. "My grandma died..." I said suddenly. Instead of saying something he hugged me again, his hugs always made me feel better. "My dad told us and then... and then he said that we had m-move," I burst out crying at this point. "I don't want to move away from you Louis, never but I might have to, Louis p-please don't h-hate me." "Misty, I would never hate you," he lifted up me chin and looked into my eyes. After a second he brought me closer and kissed me gently. I felt myself get weaker. We broke away and my head found itself in Louis lap. "We will find a way," Louis said. I closed my eyes and soon I was fast asleep.


When I woke up Louis wasn't there, I was laid down horizontally with his cover over me. I looked at my watch, it was 7:46. I sat up and stared around his room. It wasn't very neat but it wasn't a pigsty. I went into his bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My mascara had run a bit and I still had stains from my tears on my cheeks. I splashed some water onto my face and tidied myself up a bit. When I thought I looked acceptable I went downstairs. I was bombarded with a Horan hug and Harry came up and was shaking me,"guys, GUYS, stop it... I'm fine..." I said nearly shouting. "You don't like my hugs?" said Niall looking sad. "Of course I like them Niall, I'm sorry," I said hugging him. He instantly smiled and squeezed me tight. "You ok?" asked Harry. "Yeah," I sighed,"where is Louis?" I asked. "He said he was going out for a bit and he would be coming back soon, had to go get something," said Liam. "Ok," I said and got out my phone and sent a text to him -Hey Lou, where are you? Miss you, Misty xx-. I sat down in the middle of Liam and Zayn and asked," what are we watching?" "Toy Story 3," exclaimed Niall. "Really guys? Really?" I asked laughing. "Of course, do you not like this movie?" said Liam. "Of course I-, guys, we don't have any popcorn! How can you watch a movie without popcorn!" I nearly shouted. "Niall ate it all," said Zayn sadly. Niall suddenly turned red," sorry..." "Well, is there any more in the kitchen?" I asked."Yup," said Zayn. "I'm going to make some, can you pause the movie?" I asked. "Yeah sure," said Liam grabbing the remote. "I'll help," said Harry getting up out of his seat. 

Harry's POV

I followed her into the kitchen. "Where is the popcorn," she asked. "In there," I pointed at a  cupboard on the left. "Cool, thanks," she said reaching up and opening the cupboard door. She looked amazing even though it was still visible that she had been crying I just wanted her to fall into my arms, to kiss me, to say that she loved me. Why did she have to fall in love with Louis. Ok, Louis was my best friend but I had more to offer her.  She put the packet in the microwave and we both waited. I couldn't stand much longer, just as she was about to say something I leaned in and kissed her. I mean't to kiss her gently but I think I kissed her hard but it was amazing, her lips were soft. Suddenly, we heard a door open. I didn't stop. I don't care who sees. "Misty?" said a crooked, familiar voice. Misty pushed me off," Louis, please, Louis-" but she was too late, Louis had gone. We heard a door slam. "How dare you?" Misty shouted at me. "You  are disgusting Harry, how could you do that? I have... or used to have a boyfriend." Her voice was shaking at the last part realizing that Louis probably wasn't her boyfriend any more, she ran out the room and I called her," Misty!"

I am so sorry guys that I haven't updated in a while. I know this chapter isn't very good and I took ages on it :p. I'm ssssoooo sorry guys!! Please comment etc. 

Love you guys,

Mina x

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