More than Friends? ( Completed-1D FanFic)

Misty is an 18 year old girl. She has a lot coming her way, she has the money, the friends and the boys but none of that is enough for her. She can't seem to find anyone who she can let all her secrets out to but then she meets Louis. Louis is part of the most famous boy band - One Direction. Louis is kind, caring and trusting but she thinks that all Louis wants is to be friends.
Louis is a 21 year old boy. He is part of the multi- award winning boy band- One Direction. He loves everything to do with it, the songs, the tours, the girls but none of that is what he wants. He wants a girl who understands him and who he can love and then he meets Misty. She is beautiful, kind, sweet and everything he wants but he thinks that all Misty wants is to be friends.


18. Free thinking

Hey guys, this chapter is dedicated to Directioner 0.o!!!!!! Love you :) 


Louis POV

I woke up excited and worried. What if she wouldn't forgive me? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she didn't. I had to explain to her how I felt and what happened. I went downstairs and made myself some Yorkshire Tea. I went into the sitting room and turned on the tv. 

'... and more news on the boys of  One Direction. We have new reports that Louis Tomlinson and his mystery lady may have broken up. They have not been spending a lot of time together and we spotted Louis Tomlinson looking miserable outside his house. *Shows a picture* Yes, Louis Tomlinson maybe back on the market.'

What the? I was horrified at this. The picture was me collecting the post. Ok, so I wasn't looking very happy but collecting the post isn't the most exciting thing in the world?! But all of those reports were going to change... Hopefully.

Misty's POV

I woke up early. I still had a lot of packing to do. I looked around the bare walls of my soon-to-be old bedroom. I sighed and went into the bathroom to have a shower. Today was going to be my last full day back here and I wasn't going to spend it regretting or thinking about Louis, no, today was my Louis-free thinking day. I got dressed into some black leggings and an over-sized jumper with a cute dog on it from New Look. I went downstairs. I made myself some toast and poured myself some apple juice and sat down on the sofa. I turned on the tv and was surprised by what came on.

'... and more news on the boys of  One Direction. We have new reports that Louis Tomlinson and his mystery lady may have broken up. They-

I switched off the tv and just sat there staring at it. I was trying to have a Louis-free thinking day and this is what I got. But for once the press was right. We had broken up and I was never going to see him again. I wonder what the press would make of that. I was glad they didn't know who I was though. None of the boys had released it otherwise I would have press at my door the whole time for sure. I went back upstairs and started packing up some more stuff.

Louis POV

Harry came in and made himself some toast before sitting down opposite me. "So you going to do it today?" "Yeah, I don't know when she is going but I imagine it will be very soon." "Yeah, you're right. So what time are you going to go?" "I'm not sure, maybe afternoon. I sort of need to plan what I am going to do, I-" "You don't need to plan, just tell her straight. This is serious and you don't want to have it scripted. Just tell it out of your heart." "Wow, that's deep Hazza," I said laughing. "Yeah, I know, am very deep," he said matter-of-factly," but I am right aren't I?" "Yeah, you are, you know I think she deleted my number," I said miserably," that's how upset she was. It was as if she never wanted to remember me." "Really?" Harry asked. "Yeah," and I began to tell him what happened when I rang my 'mum'.

"I don't think she doesn't want to remember you, she was just upset about it all, it was probably under the influence of anger and hurt," Harry said. "Another deep comment from Harry Styles," I announced. We both laughed. "But once again, I am right," Harry said. "So you really think that she just did it because of how she was feeling that night, not because she never wanted to speak to me again?" "Yeah, I bet all her emotions are probably fighting against each other wondering whether she should forgive you or not." "How do you know all of this Harry?" "You think all of those girls I have dated I have learn't nothing? I am offended. Listening to them makes them happy, lets them be the center of attention and that is what they love. You learn a lot." "Right...ok, well thanks Harry." "My pleasure," said Harry and took a last bite of his toast.

Misty's POV

I heard a knock at the door. I went down since I was the only one in the house. My mum had gone out and my dad was packing up at his office. My sister was at a friends house saying bye. I envied her a lot. Her friends were there for her whereas mine weren't. I opened the door to be amazed by my sight. It was Holly and Nickie! "Um, hi guys, what do you want?" I asked a bit too angrily. "I know you're angry and you have the right to be. We just came to apologize about how we acted," said Holly. "Well, it's mostly my fault. I was really rude to you on the phone and I had no idea that you were leaving and I'm really sorry Misty, please forgive me," Nickie begged. I looked at them both, studying their actions. Holly was looking at the floor and Nickie was looking at me with pleading eyes. I smiled and Nickie relaxed a bit and then I went in for a hug. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "I forgive you guys," I said. Nickie and Holly hugged me back immediately. "I'm really sorry for the way I-" "No it was my fault, I left you guys for a guy. I was stupid," I interrupted Holly. "Talking about the guy, how is Louis?" Nickie winked. A tear slipped down my face, no, stop it Misty. You can not cry. "Oh my god! What did that bastard do to you?" Holly asked and then I began to tell them what happened. My Louis-free thinking day was definitely not going to plan. "I can't believe he didn't believe you!" exclaimed Nickie. "Well, I guess I don't blame him. I mean it would be hard for him to trust me after what he saw," I said. Wait, when had I started thinking like that? "I guess but still!" said Holly angrily. "Well it's done now and I am moving tomorrow so I will just have to forget about him," I said sadly. "Well we are going to make your last day the best day together everrrrrr!" said Holly. "Defo," agreed Nickie. "First we are staying here for a sleepover and then we can go out tomorrow to Snog and we can go to that theme park and ..." and we decided what we were going to do. I loved Holly and Nickie, I was going to miss them so much. Suddenly I heard knock on the door. I checked the time as I went past to check how long Holly, Nickie and I had together. It was 3:57. After I answered whoever this was we had to get going! I straightened my hair a bit and suddenly I felt butterflies swirling round my stomach. Why was I nervous? Something just didn't feel right. I opened the door and their stood Louis. So much for my Louis-free thinking day.


So what is going to happen??????? Will they make up??? So exciting!!!! 

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