More than Friends? ( Completed-1D FanFic)

Misty is an 18 year old girl. She has a lot coming her way, she has the money, the friends and the boys but none of that is enough for her. She can't seem to find anyone who she can let all her secrets out to but then she meets Louis. Louis is part of the most famous boy band - One Direction. Louis is kind, caring and trusting but she thinks that all Louis wants is to be friends.
Louis is a 21 year old boy. He is part of the multi- award winning boy band- One Direction. He loves everything to do with it, the songs, the tours, the girls but none of that is what he wants. He wants a girl who understands him and who he can love and then he meets Misty. She is beautiful, kind, sweet and everything he wants but he thinks that all Misty wants is to be friends.


9. Desperate

Louis POV

I looked at my phone. I clicked on Misty and stared at the contact profile for a long time. As I looked at it the memories flooded back. The day we met, the jokes we made and the fun we had. The picture was so funny, I loved it. I pressed text and stopped. What was I supposed to tell her, I loved her? In a different way than friendship? No, that would be too much to take in especially after what had happened today. I decided to say -Misty, I am so sorry. Please, I will do anything for you to forgive me. Please I beg you, I was wrong and I was stupid. Please forgive me.- It took me time before I pressed the send button. I leaned back in my chair. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was messed up as I had run my hand through it so many times. I loved her, so, so much. If only she knew it and she felt the same way.

Misty's POV

We were nearly home. I saw the familiar gates down our lane closing peoples houses off from the public eye. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I took it out. It was Louis. I sighed and my mum looked at me with worried eyes.  I clicked on the message and looked at it. -Misty, I am so sorry. Please, I will do anything for you to forgive me. Please, I beg you, I was wrong and I was stupid. Please fogive me.- I felt my eyes about to cry. No, no, stay strong Misty. I didn't cry and I clicked reply. What was I supposed to say to him? I wanted so badly to forgive hime but I couldn't. He had hurt me so badly and I didn't know what to do. I would talk to him tomorrow, I decided.  But first I needed to reply. I didn't not want to reply as I didn't want to think that I hated him so much that I never wanted to speak to him again, I just wanted to not talk to him now. I replied -can we talk tomorrow?- I hovered over the send button for a second before pressing it. We arrived home and my mum immediately started to spoil me, asking me what I needed, what I wanted to eat etc. I thanked her but declined and went to bed. My phone vibrated again as I went into my bedroom. Unsurprisingly it was Louis. He replied -yes, of course. I'm so sorry.- I didn't reply. That was fine for now. I got into my pj's and climbed into bed looking forward to a good nights sleep when my phone vibrated. It was Nickie - hey, how was today ;) see you tomorrow or do you have more filming? Luv ya, Holly and Nickie- so obviously Holly and Nickie were having a sleepover and for once I am glad they didn't invite me. I replied - talk to you about it the day after tomorrow. More filming tomorrow. Night, Misty- I hadn't said anything about whether it was good or bad as I didn't want questions bombarding me tonight. I snuggled under the covers and fell asleep... with tears in my eyes...


The next morning I woke up with tears in my eyes just like I had when I fell asleep. I obviously had had a bad night as when I looked in the mirror I had the biggest bags under my eyes in history and I generally just looked very tired. I decided to have a shower to try and clear my thoughts. It felt nice as the hot water came pouring onto me, like hot, soft needles. I came out of the shower and felt better but I was still tired and uspet. Everytime I thought about Louis (which was basically all I could think about) I felt like I was going to cry. I got dressed into a casual white top and some jeans with a jumper and some shoes. I was going to get changed when I got there so there was no need to get all glammed up. I went downstairs and made myself a piece of toast. It was 10:45  and Liam was picking me up in 15 minutes. I sat down at the table and my mum had left a message. -Good morning darling. I hope you feel better than you did yesterday and I will see you later tonight. Would you like me to pick you up at the same place tonight? If so jsut text me. Lots of love, Mum- I loved mum. It was amazing how much she knew what was going to happen even though I had hardly told her anything.

Louis POV

I woke up with tears in my eyes just like I had when I fell asleep. I obviously had had a bad night as my hair was all messed up, more than usual mornings and I had the biggest bags under my eyes in history. We were leaving at 10:45 while Liam went and picked Misty up. I had thought all about what I was going to say to her when I saw her, when we would talk as she said. Would she ever forgive me? I grabbed some innocent orange juice out the fridge and a carrot and sat down at the table. Harry wasn't up yet and I knew would have to wake him up soon, as it was 10:25. The boys hadn't talked about Misty to me. They all knew that I was stupid and I didn't blame them. I gulped down the last of my orange juice and bit the last bit of my carrot. I woke Harry up and got dressed. When I came back into the kitchen it was 10:40. Harry still wasn't up. "Harry!" I shouted. I heard a groan coming from his room. He was still in bed but wasn't asleep. "Get up," I said. He groaned again but sat up. "If you don't get out of bed in 5 seconds I will ring up Marvin to get you out. Harry immediately got up, pulled on a shirt which was lying on the floor and grabbed a pair of jeans. "Let's go," he said as we walked into the kitchen and he grabbed an apple.

Misty's POV

I heard our doorbell ring and I grabbed my bag and coat. I opened the door and Liam was there. "Hey, you ready?" "Yup," I said. We got into his car. It was very nice, a black, big range rover. "Are you feeling better today?" he asked. "A bit but still pretty rotten. I don't know what to do and I don't know what he mean't. I mean Harry is a nice person and everything but I wouldn't want to date him... Don't tell Harry that, ok?" I replied. "Don't worry, I won't. Louis was in a rotten state last night, in fact I had never seen him that bad..." he said. I wondered why. We had only known each other for a short while but I felt like I had known him for more. "I'm sorry if I made him like that... I really am." "Hey, it's not your fault. It's his and I know he is literally desperate to make up with you." "Yeah, I know. I'm just confused though." "Why?" "You guys keep on saying that is desperate to make up with me, he has more than friendly feelings for me and all I thought was that he wanted to be friends." Liam made a short laugh as we turned round the corner."That was the last thing on his mind to only be friends with you, that's why he got all jealous and shouted at you about you and Harry." "Really?" "Yeah... Wait a minute, do you feel the same way about him?" I paused and then nodded. He smiled. "Well that's good, it makes it less awkward." We turned into the driveway and I suddenly felt very nervous. I guess I must have looked it as well because before we got out the car, Liam looked at me and hugged me," it's going to be alright Misty, it's going to be alright."

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter!!! Sorry, it's not a very interesting chapter but I needed to wright it. Thnx so much for all the comments and keep on liking it and reccomending it and commenting!!! 

Love you all,

Mina x

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