Over Again *Sequel to I can love you more than this..*

Caitlin kissed Niall. But she's still with Liam. Just whe you feel comfortable in you're relationship, karma has to kick in..


5. Kidnapped

Savannah's POV

I got out of bed around noonish and rolled out of bed.  Harry was still fast asleep, so I decided to have some fun.

"HARRY THERE'S A FIRE GET UP!" I shouted.  His eyes flashed open and he got up fast.  I just curled up on the fllow laughing my ass off.

"Stoppp it you interrupted one of my good dreams," Harry said pouting.

"Aww, I'm sorry hun," I said getting up and grabbing some clothes to change into.  I closed the bathroom door and heard my phone ringing. Shit.  

"Harry can you get that?" I said through the door.

"Sure," he replied.  I went ahead and got dressed into a pair of baby blue skinny jeans and a half shirt over a tank top.  I opened the door and Harry was finishing the call.

"Bye," he said hanging up.

"Who was that?" I said grabbing a water.

"Just Zayn inviting us to dinner at a resturant," he said tossing the phone on the bed.

"Good, I have nothing against pizza but it gets tiring after eating it for five days straight," I said giggling.

"And next time you wake me up, don't scare me to death," he said smiling.

"Awh but Harry, that's the only way you'll get up," I said.

"Or you could just wake me up with a kiss," he said wrapping his hands around my neck.

"Nah, you still wouldn't wake up," I said wrapping my hands around him.  

"You know it's almost 3:00pm," he said looking at the clock.

"Shit!" I said checking my phone.

"Something wrong?" he said confused.

"I slept in most of the day!" I said plopping down on the bed.  And yet I was still so tired.   Then someone knocked on the door.

"Door's open," I shouted.  Harry sat next to me and I saw Nick.

"What the hell..," I said angry as hell.  What was he doing here?  

"Savannah, before you say anything, I'm sorry," he said quickly.

"Well it's a little late for sorry now," I said rushing to the bathroom.

"Pleasee come out hereee,"  he said pleading.

"Go," I heard Harry say.  A minute later I heard the door shut and I peeped out.  The boys were no where to be seen, and I heard arguing outside.  I looked through the peep hole and I saw the guys fighting.  As much as I didn't want to get inbetween them, I didn't want anyone hurt.  I opened the door and stood between them.

"THIS IS INSANE.  NICK.  WHY ARE YOU HERE," I said irritated.

"I'm here for you," he said going for a hug.  Harry stopped him by grabbing one of his arms.  Nick jerked away and headed out the door.  I hope he was going back to New Jersey, I didn't need him anymore in my life.



Landyn's POV

Zayn and I just got in the car to go to the resturant.  We were waiting on Niall, and I decided to get on Facebook.  Thank goodness the paparazzi hasn't found out about me, but they will know sooner or later.  I sighed and Niall got in the car.  

"So Landyn, where are you from?" Niall asked.

"America, I was just here to visit family," I said.

"That's funny, you don't sound american," he said smiling.  HOW DID I GET HERE.  I was blushing like crazy and Zayn parked the car.  We got a booth that could fit ten and my phone was ringing.

"I'll be right back," I said heading for the bathroom.  I answered the call and I didn't recognize the number.

"Hello?" I said turning the volume up.

"Hello Landyn, I'm Nick.  You'll get to know me a bit later, just go through the back door and the boys don't get hurt," he said hanging up.  How did he know my name.  How did he know where I was.  RAPE ALERT. RAPE ALERT.  I decided to go anyways... I mean, if anything Paul could put a search out for me.  I went out the back door and it was pitch black.  I looked around and I didn't see anyone.  I started heading back inside when someone grabbed me and started running into a van.  I did what anyone else would do and screamed to the top of my lungs.  He put a cloth to my face and I started to get sleepy.  Holy shit, that's that stuff that makes you knock out.  I tried to stay awake, but it didn't work.  I drifted off thinking about what the boys were up to...

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