Over Again *Sequel to I can love you more than this..*

Caitlin kissed Niall. But she's still with Liam. Just whe you feel comfortable in you're relationship, karma has to kick in..


6. Blackness

Zayn's POV

It had been 5 minutes since Landyn was in the bathroom, and I got worried.  The guys were chatting but just a couple minutes before I heard screaming.  

"Savannah?" I asked.

"Yes?" she said looking at me.

"Can you check on Landyn, she's been there about five minutes," I said worried.  She nodded and headed into the bathroom.  I messed around with my phone and typed in a random number and called it.

"Hello?" the voice said.

"Hello, can I have a deluxe pizza?" I said trying to contain my laughter.

"No, just put her in the back," I heard in the backround.

"Hello?" I said confused.  He hung up and Savannah was comming back.

"I didn't see her anywhere," she said puzzled.

"Where could she be.." I said worried.  

I went up to the front desk and told them what was going on.  They called the cops and I was so lost.  The Tv was on and there was a kidnapping here.  Then it all made sense.  The screaming.  I ran out the back door and there was a phone on the ground.  I picked it up and ther was a picture of me and Landyn as the lock screen and I felt like I could kill someone with my bare hands.  I started running in one direction (:D) and I didn't look back.  I felt some reason they went this way, so I wasn't going to stop until I found her.



Landyn's POV

Nick's phone rang and I was still squirming around.  Someone else was here and he looked familiar.

"Should we put her in the basement?" he asked.

"No, just put her in the back," Nick said.  WHAT BACK.  He picked me up and I tried to remember where he was from.  And then it clicked.  It was my ex.  What the hell.

"Mike?!" I said quietly.

"I'm so sorry, I promise I'll get you out of this," he said whispering in my ear.  I nodded and closed my eyes and soaked in what just happened.  I was kidnapped.  I opened my eyes and I wasn't in Mike's arms anymore, but Nick's.  I tried to get out but he grabbed a pan and all I saw was blackness.


Niall's POV

Everyone was running after Zayn and we really didn't know why.

"ZAYN," Louis said on the top of his lungs.  He didn't look back and Harry was starting to catch up with him.  I stopped for a second to catch my breath and I lost them.

"Shit," I said under my breath.  I sat down on the ground for a second and looked at the local news.

Apperently someone kidnapped Landyn while she was in the bathroom, and I automatically got pissed.  She was a sweet girl.  Who the hell would kidnapp her.  I got up and hailed a taxi.  Everything made sense now.  Nick would not just leave us alone.  I got on Twitter and typed in: Tonight, we fight.  and made my way out the taxi door, catching up with the boys.



Eller!  If it makes no sense, don't worry ^.^ lool sorry it's short too -.- Just keep Newtown, CT in your mind tonight, 20 kindergardeners lost their lives and many other adults.  Just goes to show things can change in a matter of hours..

Savannah xx

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