Over Again *Sequel to I can love you more than this..*

Caitlin kissed Niall. But she's still with Liam. Just whe you feel comfortable in you're relationship, karma has to kick in..


3. Apologies.

Landyn's POV

I walked out the door and sure enough, Harry and Zayn were pacing around.  Harry looked up at me and he looked so perfect.  

Uhm, Niall wants to see you," I said getting out of the way.  He nodded and went inside.  I sat on one of the chairs and juct closed my eyes for a second.  I just met Niall and Harry.  And Zayn is right next to me.  My life is complete.  I felt someone nudging me and I opened my eyes.  It was Zayn.

"Hey, is Niall alright," he asked worried.

"Yeah, I'm sure he'll be fine," I said assuringly.  He nodded and looked down at his phone.  What I would do for their numbers...

"Hey, what are you doing here anyways?" I asked confused.  

"Long story," he said sighing.

"Hey, I don't have a ride back until 9 so I'm here all day," I said smiling.  HOW WAS I NOT FANGIRLING.  He smiled and put his phone up and began the story.


Savannah's POV

"Liam!" I shouted while Caitlin and I were running.  I felt bad for him, he was such a sweet boy.

"Liam, please slow down," Caitlin said panting.  

He rushed into a bathroom and I got in there just before he closed the door.  He just broke down on the floor and I went to comfort him.  He locked the door, and Caitlin didn't want to upset him more, so she just stayed by the door.

"Please.. just go," he said trying to control his crying.

"And let my friend go through this alone?  C'mon, you know that I don't give in that easily," I said trying to comfort him.  I locked my arms around his neck and waited until he stopped sobbing.

"Do you want to see Niall?" I said looking at him.  He was a mess.  He nodded and we got up and unlocked the door.  Caitlin was no where to be seen, an Louis was running down the hall.

"Louis?!" I said chasing after him.

"You bastard!" Louis said topppling over some random dude.  I saw Caitlin running to Liam and there was so many things happening today.  So much drama.. so much stress.  I sat down on the floor for a second to get a grip on what was happening.  Everything started to spin.  I felt myself drifting off and someone was rushing by my side.


"Savannah, can you hear me?" I heard Louis say.  I opened my eyes and I just realized I passed out.

"I'm fine," I said getting up wobbily.

"Are you sure?" Liam said comming beside me.  I nodded and headed down the hall.  I didn't want to be creating drama, so I decided to speak nothing more of it.  I saw Zayn talking to someone and I could see Niall comming out of the bathroom.  I looked at Liam and nodded.  He gave me a worried look then approached Niall.

"I-I'm so sorry Niall," he said hugging him.

"I should be the one apologizing, I screwed up everything," Niall said sadly.

"No harm done," Liam said smiling at him.  I'm glad everything turned out okay.  Things could of got nasty.

"Are you guys ready?" I said getting their attention.  They nodded and someone picked me up.  Of course it was Harry.

"What the hell?" I said giggling.

"Just wanted to break the stress in the room," he said kissing my cheek.

"Here's my number, call me anytime," I hear Zayn say.  I peeped over Harry's shoulder and Zayn was chatting with the other girl I saw earlier.  She blushed and went her own way.

"OoO," I said laughing. 

"Stop it, she's just a friend," he said laughing.

"Alright, whatever you say Mr. Malik," I said looking back at Harry.  We were almost at the car now, and I was tired as hell.  I climbed in the back seat and dozed off...

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