Over Again *Sequel to I can love you more than this..*

Caitlin kissed Niall. But she's still with Liam. Just whe you feel comfortable in you're relationship, karma has to kick in..


1. Please

Liam's POV

"Hey Liam, can you come see Caitlin for a second?" Niall said.  I nodded and headed to the other room.  When I saw her, my face lit up.  She looked depressed.  I sat beside her and started talking.

"What's up?" I said with a smile on my face.

"I-i-i...I kissed Niall," she studdered.  I couldn't belive what I was hearing.  Niall seemed so calm around me though.  I had a mix of emotions going right now and I didn't have a smile on my face anymore.  She started crying on my shoulder and I was still trying to figure out what happened.  Then I heard a thump right next to me.  I zoned back in and I saw Caitlin on the floor, unconcious.

"Caitlin!" I shouted.  Niall quickly came into the room with a worried look on his face.

"Is everything alright?" he said peeping his head out the door.  I scooped Caitlin up and went to the car.  I set her in the backseat and buckled her in.  I jumped in the front seat and headed for the hospital.  Good thing there was one close by.  In about three minutes I was in the emergency room, carrying her still unconsious.

I went up to the front counter and some people were already by my side. "She passed out right next to me," I managed to get out.  The nurses nodded and got her a wheelchair and took her to a room.  I quickly followed and stood in the corner, trying to stay out of their way.

"Will she be okay?" I asked nervously.

A nurse looked at me and said, "Don't worry.  She'll wake up any second now and we'll give her some medicine."

I nodded and the boys were texting me.  I guess Niall got the word out.

From: Boobear

Hey, Niall told us what happened.  We'll be there asap.

Me: Alright.  Caitlin is regaining consious, and the room is 122B.

The nurses moved away and I sat next to her, looking at her.  She opened her eyes.

"Caitlin! Are you okay?" I asked worried.

"Yeah, I think so," she said a bit disbalanced.  The doctor came in and started asking us questions.  After a bit he nodded and walked out the room and came back in with a needle and saline.  Caitlin's eyes got huge.

"Now, this will only hurt a bit but it will help you control your nervous system later on," he stated.

"Nervous system?" I said confused.

"The reason she passed out is because her nervous system locked up and she blacked out," he said.  Why was she nervous?  Then it hit me.  All the crying and freezing up she was doing today, the stress of telling me.  I felt someone squeze my hand and it was Caitlin closing her eyes.  The needle, of course.  I held her hand and kissed her on her head.

"I'm so sorry," she said with tears forming in her eyes again.  I cooed her and brused away her tears.  She finally opened her eyes to look at me again.

"In  about 30 minutes, she will be back to normal," a nurse said to us.  I nodded and everyone else was out of the room.  The boys would be here any second, and I needed some alone time with Caitlin.  I needed answeres.

"Why did you..kiss him," I said curiously.

"He pulled out his guitar..and he started singing I would...I just don't know what got into me," she said weakly.

That's when the boys came in the room.  They all started comforting her, and I was thinking about the song.

Lately I found myself thinking  Been dreaming about you a lot  And up in my head I'm your boyfriend  But that's one thing you've already got

He drives to school every morning  While I walk alone in the rain  He'd kill me without any warning  If he took a look in my brain.

That's when it hit me.  Niall loved her.  I'm not sure if she loved him back, but there was someone else out there wanting to take away my girl.


Eller guise!  I'm kinda in a writer's block right now >.<  But dont worry ^.^ I'll think of something soon.   Love you all!

Savannah xx

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