Alex Kaidan: S01E01 - Paradise Lost

Being completely unable to think of a sensible name for your space ship tends to be less of a problem when there's only one ship in the whole Human 'fleet', besides Alex Kaidan only ever really borrowed it. What could be more of a problem is Earth having been paved and only a few Humans surviving, and that was only thanks to the actions of a benevolent alien race known as the Un. Alex and his crew have made it their mission to find and rescue however many Humans they can that are being held captive by any of the alien races. A mission made all the more difficult by the sad truth that a catastrophically decimated population is not an employers' market.

In this episode, Alex's attempts to save a large group of imprisoned Humans from being slightly too comfortable goes horribly wrong when Sara Heath, a member of his crew, shoots and kills a man.

“Paradise Lost” is the first episode in season 1 of the science fiction series “Alex Kaidan”.


5. 5

"Stop here, Jacques," ordered Alex once they were under way.

"What? Here? We're in the middle of nowhere"

"I know, just do it please"

Jacques reluctantly brought the ship safely out of the Strachan current. Meanwhile, the bridge door opened and Eleni walked in.

"Captain, you wanted to see me?" she stopped as soon as she saw Reza who was also on the bridge, "Reza? So it's true what the others are saying. You really are planning to join their murderous crew?!"

Reza dropped his head and muttered, "Kinda"

"You never really were one of us, neither was John," she spat out, venomously.

Alex climbed out of his chair to meet her face to face.

"I did want to see you, yes. Thank you for coming. I'm afraid I have some bad news"

"You've lost my father's body and the woman who shot him escaped in a shuttle"

"Erm yes. Sorry. How did you know?"

"News travels fast on this ship, Captain. I understand we are your prisoners here. If any of us knew how to work the controls on this ship we would have overwhelmed your crew and stolen it hours ago -"

"-And I'm sure there's still some amongst you that want to do so anyway"

"Well, that is a course of action that I, personally, do not wish for is to pursue. I would not wish to lose any more of my people to you," she spoke these words whilst looking at Reza, and then looked back to Alex, "But just because we are not fighting you, please don't take us for fools."


"Don't you think," she interjected, "that it's all just a little bit too convenient that your crew members escaped just before you started your investigation for your so-called trial?"

"If you let me -"

"Drop the act, Kaidan. There's no point in pretending you’re some kind of decent being, Human or otherwise. We aren't stupid. We know it was all a show, but was there really any need to steal the body of my father?! I just want to see him one last time and say goodbye according to our customs. Is that really so much to ask?"

"No, it's not, but the body was stolen for reasons completely unknown to us. Honestly ... er..." He racked his brain, but it was gone. How could he have forgotten her name again? "... OW!"

Eleni had slapped him probably about as hard as she could and then proceeded to beat him on the chest with both her fists, screaming, "My name is Eleni!"

He did his best to deflect them without inciting her further until Reza ran over and restrained her as gently as he could. The restraint turned into a crying hug, as before.

"Captain!" called out Jacques over the commotion, "Sorry to interrupt, but there's a ship approaching from another stream - Oh no! It's an Un ship"

"I thought the Un were allies?" asked Reza, worriedly.

"They are," Jacques replied, "but only of the Humans of New Earth. We're not exactly official"

"You mean you stole this ship?" Reza asked

"Yes," said Jacques

"No," said Alex, "I borrowed it"

"Finally, you're going to get what you deserve then," said Eleni.

"They're calling us," said Jacques, "Shall I take us back into the stream and try to outrun them?"

"No, no, no. Take the call. Best put it on loudspeaker for the benefit of our guests though"

"Captain Alex Kaidan?"

"Significant Yona Stevs," he greeted the Un, "Good to hear you speaking our language!"

"Trying. Difficulties for physiology of mine"

"Better than my Un... er... ish. I like to rely on my galactic translator"

The bridge door opened again and Rhyna walked on to the already overpopulated bridge.

"Usually makes Alex Kaidan sound like moron. No fear. Alas time is short. Breaking many laws not blowing you up"

"Of course, much obliged. We can begin transfer immediately. Might take a little longer. Our larger shuttle was stolen"

"Oh dear. Will requisition one new. Take ours. Careful time next"

"Thank you, Yona. You are most generous"

"Understandable. Lost one on fishing trip, cycle last. Significant Stevs finishing conversation for now"

Alex noticed the bridge crew were staring at him, "What?"

"Was that an Un speaking Human-English?"

"I thought they were going to arrest us!" said Liam

"What for?"

"Stealing a ship!" finished Jacques abruptly

"How many times?! I only borrowed it. Now, Eleni," he said, turning to her, "I really am sorry for everything. If you and your people would like to go back to the Nedic..."

"You're letting us go?"

"You were never our captives. We thought we were freeing you. I still say we did and that you'd be better off at The Village, but it has to be your choice. The offer is always open"

"But my father. He died for nothing?"

"I know you don't believe us, but Sara Heath is no longer a member of this crew. When we find her, I promise you that she will face justice for what she did. It never was an act, she broke our most sacred of rules and killed another Human. I don't know why she took the body when she escaped either. I wish things could have been different, but please accept this as an apology. The Un will take you back, just please promise me that you will at least ask if any of your people wish to visit New Earth with us first"

"I'll ask them," she promised, "and thank you, Captain. That's all we wanted"

With that, she left the bridge.

"So this operation has been sanctioned by the Human and Un governments the whole time?" asked Liam

"Well, I wouldn't say 'governments' exactly"

"It looks like we need you after all," said Liam, "But I knew that anyway. Who else could -"

Rhyna interrupted his spiel, "-Alex, I came to tell you that there are some things missing from the medical bay. It looks as if one of them nicked a few things from there while I wasn't looking"

"Understandable. Anything essential?”

No, there was an extensive kit in each of the shuttles already, they should have known that already. All that’s missing are a couple of field surgery kits. They made a mess when they were looking for them at any rate"

"Were they after the drugs or something?"

"No drugs in them - just scalpels, syringes, stuff like that"

"Okay, well there's nothing we can do about it now. Come on, you can help me transfer the prisoners"

"You mean guests?"

"Yeah, whatever"

"So we're not taking them to The Village?" she asked

"I figured that we'd caused enough trouble for them already, so I called in a favour. Sara made me realise that we can't build a democratic future when people are being forced to stay there against their will. We have to do it right and have faith that people will come on their own"

"Well said," said Reza, "Abraham Lincoln would be proud!"

"Who's that?"

"You don't know who Abraham Lincoln was?"

"No. No, I don’t but I actually meant you. Who are you?"

That's Reza,” said Alex, "He's a keeper"




Alex Kaidan will return in Episode 2: “A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE” where he and the crew annoy a few more people while searching for the fabled font of all pre-disaster Human knowledge (and also some tastier food). While they’re at it, a threat to destroy what is left of Humanity will be uncovered...



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