Im Letting Go

Im letting go. I know that is what you want. We have been together for so long.


1. Im Letting Go

I'm letting go

I'm moving on

I still love you

I always will


But I have to let go

I know that is what you want

I don't know how, I can

We was together for so long


I still believe in us

I cannot image life without you

But life is so short

I have to let go


Never will I let you go

In my heart you will stay

But I will make someone happy

Try to be happy to


Your my everything

But you no longer need me

So goodbye it is

I'm letting go


No longer will I hold on

Just remember me someday

How much I loved you

You will realize one day


You want me back

It will be to late

I'll be gone

You will cry and so will I


But baby

I'm letting you go

But I will never stop

Loving you


From the first day

I loved you

Until my last



Bye my love

I'm letting go

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