Little Things

Get ready and enjoy a book filled with 5 different stories with YOU as the main girl!
You will get a chance to hang out with each One Direction guy and get to know them! Enjoy!!<3


3. Niall Horan.

Lucky Jen. You think. Niall Horan is her regular customer. I've been working at this salon for years, while she hasn't, and I've never had a regular celebrity customer.You pout at the thought of Jen being better than you.

"Where's Jen?" You ask Bella.

"She's out sick today."

"But that means I'm they only stylist today!" You say worried. "And Niall Horan is coming today!"

"Well, I guess he's your's today." Bella replies with a slight smirk. You turn around to face the wall, and a huge grin spreads across your face. Niall's mine today! I get to prove how much better I am than Jen. HAH. What now Jen. What now. You couldn't help but be greedy. There was exactly 2 minutes until THE Niall Horan arrived. You waited. And waited. And waited. 3. 2. 1. 0. The glass door swung open and in walked the buff blondie.

"Hello, I'm here to get my hair bleached again with Jen." Niall states in his thick Irish accent.

"Niall!" Bella exclaims, "Jen couldn't make it today, so (y/n) will be your stylist today."

"Sure." Niall said smiling. "Well, hello, Love." Niall says to you. You comb through his soft, luxurious hair and go to the back to get the bleach. While in the back, you can't help but jump around the room. You were doing Niall Horan's hair! Only if you could tell him how absolutely gorgeous he was. You walked back out with a bowl full of lavender-ish bleach. You spread it through his hair, careful not to touch his skin with it. You make sure all of his hair roots are covered too. You lead him to the hair heater to fasten the process. As you and him wait, you two talk for hours on end. You get to know eachother and find out you have a lot in common.

"I LOVE NANDO'S TOO!" Niall yells.

 You wash his hair and smile at the look of perfectly done, platinum blonde hair. He's gonna love this. You think. Niall looks in the mirror after you blow dry his hair. 

"Wow, I love it!" Niall exclaims. "I'll be back her with (y/n) again next time!" He winks at you and you practically die inside. Niall is about to walk out the door, when he whips back around and walks over to you.

"Hey (y/n)", He says, nervously running his fingers through his hair, "Have you eaten yet?" Your stomach growls, and Niall hears. He grabs your hand and pulls you with him.

"She'll be back!!" Niall yells as he pulls you away.

"Oh those two lovebirds." Bella says. Niall takes you in his silver, shiny car and drives away. You stay quiet in the car, then Niall turns on some music and you start quietly singing to yourself.

"I don't mind spendin' everyday, out on your door in the pourin' rain oh.." Niall looks over at you.

"You have an amazing voice." He exclaims. You smile. Niall turns in and parks into Nando's. 

"Two people." He says to the waitress. You two are lead to your table and talk the whole time and you start to think: We get along so well. You stuff your mouth with food and Niall laughs, choking on a bit of his food.

*Cough, cough* "I love girls that aren't afraid to eat like this in front of me." Niall tells you. "(y/n) you're really cool."

"And your really cute!" you tell Niall. His face turns pink and you laugh. You two sip your drinks, your stomachs being full to the top. He walks you out to a park where you both lay down in the grass and look at the shapes of the clouds. Just silence. Then, Niall rolls over, on top of you.

"I've never met anyone like you before." He tells you. You get butterflies as he starts to lean closer to your face and you close your eyes to live in the moment. His lips touch your's and you and him just clicked. It felt like only you and him were there. You both carry on until the sky turns dark. Then he takes you home and you kiss goodbye until tomorrow.


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