Little Things

Get ready and enjoy a book filled with 5 different stories with YOU as the main girl!
You will get a chance to hang out with each One Direction guy and get to know them! Enjoy!!<3


2. Louis Tomlinson.

Approximately 7 minutes until sunrise. The sky was a periwinkle blue. You sat behind an old studio under a ton of stress. Your family abandoned you and now you're stuck alone, in London. Your stomach growls at you, all you have left is the packet of miniature carrots that a caring women gave you at a farmers' market. You rip open the packet and munch at the orange vegetable, making crunching and snapping sounds. As you chew, you cry. You cry hard. The door beside you swings open. A young man steps out, wearing a blue-striped white tee with red pants and suspenders. The face seems vaguely familiar.

"Hello?" The stranger says in a high voice. "Oh! Hello, Love. I'm Louis." That's when it hit you. The sweet handsome boy beside you, talking to you, was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! Your mouth hangs open as some pieces of carrot drop out, tears still falling from your eyes.

"Are you okay?" He asks.

"Uhhm..Yea, It's all good." You reply sniffling. "I'm lost, alone, abandoned." He sits down beside you and you tell your past. You have never had anyone listen to you so well in your whole life.

"You know, (y/n), I absolutely LOVE girls who eat carrots." Louis says with his smart sounding accent. Louis grabs your hand, making you drop all the carrots to the ground, but you fall back down, making Louis land on top of you, his face at your's. Your face starts to burn, but he smiles and helps you back up again. He pulls you to his car and buckles you up. 

"Vroom! Vroom!" You hold on tight as Louis drives you away, keeping the questions in your head.

"We're here!" Louis exclaims. You look around. Louis took you to a mall. You smiled, turning away so Louis wouldn't notice. You two walk hand-in-hand to the entrance. You and him run all around the mall and he buys you tons of stuff. He leads you out to the back of the mall, where there's a ferris wheel.

"Two tickets please." Louis says to the cashier. Louis escorts you to the first cart and you both sit down facing each other. The ferris wheel moves up slowly, until it stops at the top.

"What a nice view." You say. 10 minutes pass. The ferris wheel still hasn't moved. You were stuck. Stuck at the top of a ferris wheel. With Louis Tomlinson.

"You know, I think I'm in love with you." You turn away in shock.

All of a sudden the cart shoves you forward and you fall out but managed to grab hold of a bar below."(y/n)!" Louis screams at the top of his lungs. "Don't worry! SUPERMAAAAAAAN!" Louis hops of the cart and his muscular figure grips your body tightly. You absolutely love the feeling of his arms around you. He slowly takes you down to the ground. You can't believe what just happened. He was like a super human. Oh well, that didn't matter at the moment. What matter's is that he saved your butt.

"It feels like I've known you forever." You whisper in his ear. Your day ends with a full on kiss with THE Louis Tomlinson. Approximately 7 minutes until sunset.

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