Little Things

Get ready and enjoy a book filled with 5 different stories with YOU as the main girl!
You will get a chance to hang out with each One Direction guy and get to know them! Enjoy!!<3


1. Harry Styles.

You wake up in the morning, the smell of eggs and bacon drifting past your nostrils. You stretch and sit up in your bed. You tread to the bathroom and and wash up. The smell of eggs and bacon grows stronger and your stomach screams at you. You walk downstairs and you become surprised of who is cooking breakfast. Niall.

"Where's Harry?" You ask

"Oh hey (y/n). He went to the studio to record a new song he wrote." Niall calmly replied. 


"Want breakfast?"

"Sure." You gulp down the eggs quickly and walk to the door to drive to the studio.

"Your gonna go out looking like that?" Louis asks while coming downstairs. You look down and you're still in your monkey pajamas. You embarrassingly smirk at Louis and Niall and walk back upstairs to change. On your way up you slip and land on your butt, waking up Eleanor.

"Are you okay!?" Eleanor asked and she helps you up.

"Thanks El." You reply thankfully. You continue to your room and change into a flowy peach mini dress and slip on a pair of black flats. You go back downstairs again, and get into your navy BMW that Harry got you. You buckle yourself up and head to the studio.

"(y/n)!" Harry exclaims. "Wanna hear the new song I wrote for you?" You nod your head and Harry begins singing in his extraordinary, raspy, and low voice.

"Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bear this in mind, it was meant to be. And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all make sense to me..." He continues the rest of the song as he stares deep into your eyes. It feels too amazing. You scooch over next to him and lean in for a long, lasting kiss. You both look up and smile at eachother.

"I love you." Harry says.

"Love you too." You reply. And you both kiss again. Harry escorts you to the car and you two sing to songs on the ride home.

"AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!" You sing loudly out the window. Harry laughs as he parks the car into the lot. He helps you out of the car and you are greeted by the other boys. Louis was with Eleanor, Liam was with Danielle, Zayn was with Perrie, and Niall was with his Nando's takeout.

"Dinner time!" yelled Niall. You all sat down and Harry sat next to you at the table. You all munch on the delicious Nando's takeout even though Niall ate most of it. You hae never felt so full before. Everyone went to bed, but Harry grabbed your wrist and pulled you over to the campfire in the back patio. You two lay down beside the fire and look at the stars.

"Do you see that one?" Harry asks, pointing at the brightest star in the night sky. I nod. "That's me."

"And which one is me?" You asked.

"You're not a star." You frown. Harry lifts your chin up and looks into your eyes. "You're not a star, but you're the moon." You smile. "You're the moon and you're my light. You lead me through the night. Without you, I'm blind because you are everything I see" 

You grin and kiss Harry deeply and passionately on the lips. Soft lips. Harry carries you upstairs and lays you down in bed. You two cuddle for the rest of the night. You fall asleep with your head on his firm, warm chest. 

"Goodnight, Love." He says, and you close your eyes. 



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