How Will I Know

How will I know if he still loves me.Will it be his kiss or his looks. Maybe his smile.


1. How Will I Know

How will I know if he loves me

Will it be his sweet kiss

The words I love you baby

His hand in mine


The looks between us

How will I know

will it be his needs

Or maybe his wants


When he dances with me

The way he holds me close

Whispers in my ear

How will I know


Moonlit nights with walks

Watching the stars at night

Will he be my blanket

Keep me warm at night


How will I know

If it is real

Does he mean it

Or just playing me


Like a fool

Can it be our heart beats as one

The roses in my room

How will I know


If I'm the only one

That he loves me no matter what

I want a true love

Not just a put on


Not just for show

Or for fun

How will I know

I want someone who will stay


Through bad and good times

That I can give all my love to

Have it returned

How will I know

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